What A Dream

Mickey travels to england on a school trip and runs into someone she has adored since she found out about him. Niall Horan from one direction. They fall in love. but when she has to go back to canada, she feels that everything is going to fall apart. can Mickey and Niall keep their relationship or will it crumble.......


2. The Surprise At Nando's

As i watch the boys pass, I look over at Niall, and, I feel like something happened between us, like we had some kind of conection whin it happened. Niall got bumped into by Louis which made him concentrate on where he was going. He looked down to the ground for a smile they looked at where he was going. When they were gone. My heart was still racing. Did that really just happen? Maddie found me and we walked over to the doors where the class was. Mrs. Brett was reviewing the rules for a second time today. We waited until the bus arrived and everyone got on. Of course, Maddie and I sat together. As the bus starts to move i whisper quietly to Maddie. "Guess who i saw in the air port... let me give you a hint. There is 5 of them, 4 of them are british and 1 is irish". Maddie's mouth opened wide and was about to scream when I covered her mouth with my hand. "SHHHHHH!" I whispered loudly. "And Niall stared right at me" I whisper with excitement. "Ok. We definetly have to go look for them during our free times. I have their house adresses" Maddie says obsessively. We laugh at each other. When we arrive at the Hotel we are staying at, Maddie and i run in quickly to get the best room together. Unfortanetly, we didnt get the best room but we got the second best and ours was on the top floor. Even if The hotel is only 6 floors high. Maddie and I pick our beds and run back down stair to join the rest of the class where Mrs. Brett for the third time is Explaining the rules. I roll my eyes as we stand there listening to get carry on. I couldn't help but think of Niall and that moment in the airport. Does he really like me? Or was he looking at me like I was just another fan? When Mrs. Brett is finally done, she allows us the go for our free time. Maddie and i run out to be the first to venture out and look for Niall. " So where should we look first" Maddie asks as she opens the map that Mrs. Brett handed out to everyone. " How about Nando's? I've never been to one and im starving" is say rubbing my stomach. Maddie giggles. She always giggles when i say that because she says im just like Niall and being all hungry and stuff.  So we head off to Nando's. When we get there, I see no line, so i go to walk up to the regester when someone buts infront of me just before I get there. "Excuse me? I'm sorry but you just butted me in line" I say sweetly. The person turns around to revial someone I was not exspecting it to be. NIALL.............

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