What A Dream

Mickey travels to england on a school trip and runs into someone she has adored since she found out about him. Niall Horan from one direction. They fall in love. but when she has to go back to canada, she feels that everything is going to fall apart. can Mickey and Niall keep their relationship or will it crumble.......


6. The Date

Niall and I walk down the street. We talk about our selfs. Most of the stuff Niall told me I already knew from Maddie. I was a big fan, but not as big as a fan as Maddie was. I just had a crush on him. A big one. "Niall, what will happen when i have to go back to Canada", i ask looking at him sadly. Niall grabs my hand as we walk, "Dont worry about it". I don't know why, but that made me feel a little better. we walk down the street, holding hands, swinging our arms. I like being around Niall. We get to the place where Niall was taking me and it was beautiful. It was a park. There was light hanging from tree to tree. There were lots of trees. It was bright but you could still see the stars. It was just bright enough so you could see each other. There was a picnic blanket laying on top of the grass. "Would you like to sit down", Niall suggests while pointing at the blanket. I smile at him. We sit down on the blanket close to each other. I fall back onto the blankets throwing my arms out. I let out a sigh of peacefulness. Niall lyes down beside me and we stare up at the sky. "Your so beautiful" Niall whispers. I look over at him to see him staring at me. I look at his beautiful blue eyes, wondering what he is thinking. We stare at each other for, what feels like a minute. I quickly sit up thinking about what might happen when I go back home. "Whats wrong? Are you alright" Niall says sitting upbeside me. I pull my knees into my chest and rap my arms around them. "I'm just scared" I say placing my chin on my knees. "What are you scared of" Niall says raping is arm around me. "I'm scared that, we are going to get to close, and then, when I have to go back to Canada, My hearst going to be broken" A tear rolls down my cheek but Niall wipes it away. "You don't need to worry about that right now, your here for a while, with me, and thats all that matters", I smile but I still feel hurt inside. Suddenly my phone rings. "Hello?"i ask, Maddie replys woriedly, "Get here NOW! Mrs. Brett is doing her rounds and shes on floor 2". "Ok ill be there soon", I hang up the phone and turn to Niall. "I'm so sorry Niall, that was Maddie and she just told me that I need to get back or I won't be here for a while." I stand up and so does Niall. I stand there for a second akwardly. But I hug him. I squeeze him tightly not wanting to let go, "Will you walk me back to the hotel?" I ask. Niall nods his head and he holds my hand again. We sorta speed walk back to the hotel. Maddie texts me everytime Mrs. Brett moves up a floor. When we get to the hotel, I almost go to the elevator when Niall pulls me back. I got another text 'Shes on the 4th floor...HURRY!' "Mickey, you can't take the elevator, she will know you were out", niall says. I think for a second. "The belcony,"I yell pulling Niall outside to where we could see the belcony. "Maddie! Maddie!" I yell you at her. the door was open. She herd me and ran to the edge of the belcony. I gave he a little wave and she ran back into the room. "What is she doing?" Niall asks looking at me worriedly. I just smile at him and look up to the belcony. "We had this planned if any of us were to find someone and go on a date. We never thought we would actually do this though.". Niall is still confused. Maddie comes back with a rope made of bed sheets. She throws it over the edge and I catch it. I turn to Niall. "Thank you. I was a wonderful date. I-" before i can finish my sentence, Niall kisses me. On the lips. I suddenly had this feeling rush through me. "love you" I finish after we stop kissing. "I love you too" Niall smiles. "I'm sorry to disturb you, but Mrs. Brett is Check the rooms on our floor now" Maddie yells down. I climb up. When I get on the belcony I turn around and blow Niall a kiss. He winks back. As he walks away I watch him until Maddie snaps me back into reality. We close the belcony doors and start to un-tie the bed sheets and fix up the beds. I quickly get into my P.J.'s. Mrs. Brett knocks on the door. "Come in" Maddie yells. Mrs. Brett steps in with her clip board and her glasses on the tip of her nose, looking at us. she then leaves and closes the door. I fall back on my bed and sigh of releif.

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