What A Dream

Mickey travels to england on a school trip and runs into someone she has adored since she found out about him. Niall Horan from one direction. They fall in love. but when she has to go back to canada, she feels that everything is going to fall apart. can Mickey and Niall keep their relationship or will it crumble.......


7. The conversation with Maddie

"So... how was it. Did he ask you to marry him?" Maddie asks all excited with her legs crossed sitting on her bed. i laugh, "No he didn't ask me to marry him, we just talked and we layed on the blanket staring up at the sky looking at the stars." Maddie fan girls, making me laugh even more. "So romantic" she says falling back onto her bed. "So you going to go on another date with him?" she questions as she gets up to put a poster up. "First of all, you don't need to put a poster up, you'll probably be seeing one direction alot more. and second of all, I don't know", Suddenly I get a text. It was from Niall, 'Would you like to go on another date with me, maybe tomorrrow night?'. I look over at Maddie with a happy smile, "You just got your answer". Maddie's eyes go wide. "Yes! Your going on another date? YES!" she jumps and flops down on her bed. I replie to Niall 'Yes that would be great. Where would we go?' 'How about a surprise' Niall texts me back. 'Ok' I send just before my phone dies. "Maddie! get my phone charger! Now!" I scream looking around for it. She finds it and throws it at me. I plug it into the wall and plug my phone in. When it turns on again it shows a text from Niall, 'The lads say hi', is what it read. I laugh. 'Tell they I say hi back'. Niall replys with, 'Well I gtg, I hope to see you tomorrow'  'I hope you will to', I set my phone down. "What did he text you", i turn to her with a smile, "He said the boys said hi and then he said he hopes to see me tomorrow". Of corse, Maddie fangirls again. When she settles down we go to bed, or else Mrs. Brett will get mad at us.

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