What A Dream

Mickey travels to england on a school trip and runs into someone she has adored since she found out about him. Niall Horan from one direction. They fall in love. but when she has to go back to canada, she feels that everything is going to fall apart. can Mickey and Niall keep their relationship or will it crumble.......


9. Converstation with the Lads

Nialls p.o.v-

As I read her text, Louis raps his arm around my neck from behind, "Whatcha doin' Nialler?" I blush, trying to hide my phone so he doesn't read it. "Its nothing, Just a text message", I say. "Oh from Mickey I suspect?", Harry asks nudging me in the arm. "Yah. So",  I say obviously embarrassed.

"So do you like her. Was there a kiss," Liam asks as I turn the key into the lock of my flat.

"Yes, and Yes. I kissed her," I blush opening the door. The boys don't even need to be invited in. They just enter, "Can we change the subject."

Zayn gasps, "Oh No! she rejected the kiss didn't she," he gives me a big hug, "Don't worry, there's more girls out there."

I just laugh. "she didn't reject him, stupid. He's just embarrassed," Liam says rolling his eyes.

I laugh again, "Liam's right. But Zayn is also kinda right. She's scared if we get to close, that when she goes back home, that I'm going to forget about her," I say sadly. They all frown.

"Then what are we going to do so you can keep her my good lad," Louis says with his little smirk.


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