Forced Fresh Start

Seventeen year old Sami Gray lives in dreary New Zealand, but when things start going down hill, she moves to London to make a fresh start. What will happen when she meets 5 teenage boys and is forced to live with them? Will her dislike of their careers and celebrity persona ruin everything for her, or will she change her mind and enjoy the path that her new life is taking her on?


5. You're Making It Worse...


I woke up in an unfamiliar room with the worst headache in the world, memories came flooding back into my head from the past few weeks, and I remembered where I am and why I'm here. I didn't want to have to face Uncle Paul, I know that I was rude, but I just couldn't take being in the same room as THEM. Urgh, just thinking about them pissed me off. I pulled my phone out of my pocket, where I had left it before falling asleep. 7:00pm HOLY CRAP! I had slept for a good seven or more hours, I guess it was jet lag though? My stomach grumbled, I hadn't eaten anything since before the plan ride. I slowly and sluggishly pulled myself out of bed and opened the door, I padded down the hall in my socks, I was still wearing the same clothes as before, but who really cares? I turned the corner and ended up in the kitchen, Uncle Paul was sitting at the counter reading a newspaper, he looked up as I entered the room.

"Sam..." He sounded disappointed, I kept my head down as I walked over to him and took the seat next to him. 

"Uncle, I'm so sorry about the way I acted before.... I just, I guess I wasn't expecting them to be here.......I mean I'm not exactly their biggest fan, but I shouldn't have acted the way I did." I apologized  meaning every word I said. It wasn't fair on Uncle Paul for me to act the way I did, especially since he is doing Jake and I a favour.

"I know Sam, it's okay, I should have given you warning about them and for that, I'm sorry." Uncle Paul said as he pulled me into a hug.

I was so happy that things were okay between me and Uncle now, I really hate it when he is disappointed in me. It kills me. Just as I pulled out of the hug, I hear footsteps coming from behind me. 

"Oh! Sorry if I'm interrupting! I aahh, was just umm, hungry." I heard an Irish voice say from behind me. 'Brilliant' I thought to myself.

"Niall, I figured it was just a matter of time until you came in here, suprised it took you so long." Uncle Paul said with a deep chuckle and a broad smile.

"Haha well, you know my stomach!" Niall said laughing while heading to the fridge.

I know that I was rude before, but I had my reasons, but Niall was just flat out ignoring me, he only glanced at me once, and then looked away quickly with what looked almost like pity on his face, wait, why would he be looking at me with pity? DAMMIT! Uncle Paul has probably told them everything, brilliant, just brilliant. 

Uncle Paul pulled me close and whispered in my ear "Be nice Sam, I think you should apologize, not just to Niall, to all of them."

URGH! Whyyyyyyyy? Why can't he understand that I don't like them, therefore I do not want to talk to them, let alone apologize for something I'm not all that sorry about.

"Fine. Where are the rest of them?" I said back, not bothering to whisper since Niall had just walked out.

"Lounge." Uncle Paul said before going back to his newspaper.

"I'm only doing this for you Uncle." I mumbled as I walked in the direction I figured the lounge would be.

I walked into the lounge and found all the boys either watching some lame TV show I have never seen before, or concentrating on their phones, what an interesting bunch.

I coughed, trying to get their attention, although I really didn't want to. Every pair of the eyes were now on me, all of their heads had shot up almost instantly.

"Hey, Sam, how did you sleep?" Louis asked me, looking at me with sympathy in his eyes.

"Ummm pretty good thanks, I guess. Ummm, can I talk to you all please?" I said quietly, almost sounding nervous.... why was I nervous?

"Sure thing love, come sit." Harry said, patting the only free seat next to him on the couch.

I walked over and sat down, as far away from him as possible on the rather small couch, I took a deep breath before I stared to talk again.

"Okay, well, I just wanted to umm apologize for the way I acted when I came in before. I was rude and it was uncalled for." It was taking all my courage not to run away from these ego maniacs.

"It's fine love, we all understand. We all know that you're going through alot at the moment." Liam said with a touch of sympathy in his tone of voice. Urgh. That bugged me even more! Why do these boys have to feel sorry for me! I hate that. It makes me feel week, like I'm not living up to their standards so they have to feel sorry for me. 

Stay calm Sam, remember, you're doing his for Uncle Paul, breathe.....

As the others said their bit about how it was okay and I was just under alot of stress and all that, my fists clenched and my nails ended up digging further and further into my hand, my frustration showing on my face the more they talked.

Thankfully, Paul walked in saying that he was ordering food, so I was saved. I asked for anything that was there, he knows what I like, then I escaped up to my room.

I shut the door and sat on my bed, tears threatening to fall from my eyes. How am I going to live with these people when I hate them so much, why can't things just be normal for me.




Hey guys n gals

sorry this chapter is soooo bad and i'm pretty sure half oof it doesn't make sense, but i thought i'd update it but I have been so busy with exams and what not so i'm sorry that this chapter is so bad. I'm starting to not like where my story is heading so i'm thinking about starting a new one, but let me know what you think and if you have any ideas! Also if any of you are interested in co authoring then thats cool, just comment or whatever and we'll see what happens ;3

Thanks for reading ;) and like and favourite it and all that if you want XD

Much love ^.^



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