Forced Fresh Start

Seventeen year old Sami Gray lives in dreary New Zealand, but when things start going down hill, she moves to London to make a fresh start. What will happen when she meets 5 teenage boys and is forced to live with them? Will her dislike of their careers and celebrity persona ruin everything for her, or will she change her mind and enjoy the path that her new life is taking her on?


1. Me Myself & I, or so I thought

My name is Sami Gray, I'm seventeen years old and I live in little old New Zealand. Don't know where that is huh? Not many people do... Well back to me, I have crystal blue eyes, tanned skin, and long brown wavy/curly hair, and with years of playing sports and working on my parents farm, my legs, arm and muscles in general are really well toned. Music is my life, but the one thing I can't stand is boy bands! I just don't see why everyone drools over boys singing cheesy love songs, like that band that's really popular at the moment... Oh what's there name again...? Oh yeah, One Direction. They bug me the most, I never want to meet them, no matter what the tabloids say, they seem arrogant to me. Anyway, back to my life story......

I just got in from my ride (I ride horses in my spare time) to find my older brother, Jacob who is 22, sitting on the couch with his head in his hands, he looked up as I walked in and his eyes were watery and blood shot.

"Jacob? What's wrong??" I said as I ran and sat beside him on the couch and put my arm around him which wasn't easy since he's a lot bigger than me, standing at 6'6 to my 5'8 with really broad shoulders. He has his hair cut really short since he's in the Army.

"Sami...." He said as he pulled me into his arms for one of his big brother hugs "Sami, something really bad has happened...." He kept stopping, not wanting to get to the point.

"Jacob, what the hell is going on?" My voice was shaking as I said this, he was really worrying me.

"It's about mum and dad... They, they got hit by a truck Sam. They're gone..." He hugged me tighter as he started crying all over again.

"No, you have to be kidding me.... Jacob, is this some sort of sick joke?!?" I was in shock, I didn't cry, I didn't do anything but sit there and let him hold me, waiting for a reply.

"It's not a joke sis, they're gone.."

"Stop saying that!!!!" I snapped, I pushed out of his grasp and stood up, I knew I was being harsh but I couldn't believe him. "Stop saying that... They can't be gone, this can't be real. Jacob this can't be real" started pacing, I always did when I was upset.

"We have to move too, well, you do." He continued, looking at the floor.

"What do you mean Jacob? I'm not leaving here." I stopped pacing and stared at him, what the hell was he talking about? Why did only I have to move, why did I have to move at all, this is my home. 

"Yes you are, after the funerals, I got a call from one of our uncles living in London. You are moving there to have a fresh start." 

"What? London? Which uncle? Why aren't you going too?" The kept firing questions at him, none of this was making sense to me.

"Uncle Paul, you remember him right?" I nodded. "Well, he's offered to let you live with him, since I'm leaving again soon and since you're still a minor, it seems like a reasonable solution.

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