Forced Fresh Start

Seventeen year old Sami Gray lives in dreary New Zealand, but when things start going down hill, she moves to London to make a fresh start. What will happen when she meets 5 teenage boys and is forced to live with them? Will her dislike of their careers and celebrity persona ruin everything for her, or will she change her mind and enjoy the path that her new life is taking her on?


7. Love Me For Me


I woke up, feeling worse than before. I opened my door and walked around to see if Uncle Paul was up yet. He wasn't, so I decided to give myself a little tour of the house, since the only places I have seen are the lounge, kitchen and my bedroom. I haven't even found a bathroom yet and I'm thinking that would be a very good idea. A shower sounded really good about now. I looked around until I found an open door that thankfully was a bathroom, I ran back to my room quickly and grabbed what I would need from my suitcase, then back to the bathroom to pee and take a nice hot shower before anyone else got up, and things became complicated.

After one of the best showers I have ever had in my life, (with them being rich and all, the shower was amazingly fancy) I got myself ready for the day. Minimal make up and my hair left to do its own thing. I put on a pair of ripped jeans and a tie-dyed singlet, so pretty casual. I walked out the bathroom and dumped my stuff in my room, before continuing my tour. I walked past a whole lot of rooms that I presumed were the boys rooms and one that looked like it was Uncle Pauls, until finally I came to a room that had the door open slightly, I couldn't resist and pushed the door the rest of the way open. To my suprise, the room was rather large, with a piano on one side, and atleast 4 guitars and things on the other side. I gasped when I saw how amazing all the equipment is. I couldn't resist going and picking up a guitar and taking a seat on one of the near by chairs. Not many peoe know this about me, but I love music and I love singing and playing the guitar, amongst other things. I pulled out my pick which I always kept in my pocket, no matter what I was wearing, it was sort of my security blanket, and started stunning and plucking the chords I knew very wee to one of my favourite songs....

"Phone rings, don't wanna pick it up, I'm so scared I'm gonna say too much, I tip toe around your questions, why you gotta dig so deep. Tears fall and the glasses break, inside these walls the floor boards shake, but from out side it's alright, aslong as you're lookin from fifty feet"
My fingers stared strumming harder as I continued onto the chorus.
"I been trying, trying, hold my head up high, I been lying lying, keeping it all inside, trying not to trust you yeah, take another leaf, I'm broke yeah yeah? I'm done i give up, I don't wanna pretend no more, that's it, so what, I've lost a friend before I'm gonna say it like it is, no more wondering what if, this ain't the way you outta live, but I don't want you to love me, if you don't wanna love me for me."

I continued with the rest of the song, completely lost in my music, even though it wasn't an original song of my own. I finally finished and I heard clapping from behind me. I jumped up, so startled, I didn't think anyone else was up yet?

"Wow, you're really good..."
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