Forced Fresh Start

Seventeen year old Sami Gray lives in dreary New Zealand, but when things start going down hill, she moves to London to make a fresh start. What will happen when she meets 5 teenage boys and is forced to live with them? Will her dislike of their careers and celebrity persona ruin everything for her, or will she change her mind and enjoy the path that her new life is taking her on?


6. Harry's confrontation

SAM'S P.O.V Paul called me out for dinner and I sat at the table alone, stuffing my face because I was so hungry. The others had thankfully left me alone and were in the lounge watching tv, I could hear them laughing at some random joke from the show they were watching. I was over half way through my food when a heard the door open behind me.

"Hey Sam" I heard the husky voice of the curly haired prick coming from behind me, I didn't bother to turn around and I certainly didn't say anything back to him.

"Or not" I heard him make his way over to the sink and dump his plate.

"You hate us don't you? But what I don't understand is why? What did we do?" He stood behind me, looking over my shoulder. As much as I hate him, he does smell really good.

"It's complicated Harry. I don't exactly hate you, but I DO hate everything you stand for. The arrogance of it all, the career, everything. I can't stand it so I would appreciate it if you would leave me alone. I don't want to be here and as soon as I turn eighteen I'm outta here. This isn't where I wanna be and this isn't the life I wanna live."

The whole time I was talking he was staring directly into my eyes. Almost as if he was trying to intimidate me, or trying to see if I was lying to him or not. When I finished talking, he tried to keep his facials even, but I could see that I hurt him by what I said, although I don't know why.

"You don't even know us Sam. I know that you have been through alot but seriously? From the way you're acting, you have no right to be calling us arrogant. I wanted to get to know you, I thought we could be close, but not anymore, I, no WE, will not have a problem with leaving you alone." He was brutally honest, that much was for sure. Wait, did he just call me arrogant? No, that's bull. No way! He has no right to do that.

"Urgh. Whatever. And how dare you call me arrogant!" I screamed at him as I got up. Turning around to head out the door, back up to my room. "Before I didn't hate you personally, now I'm not so sure." As I walked out of the room, I bumped into four startled bodies, the rest of one direction. Brilliant, just brilliant, they heard the whole argument! Well, at least they all know how I feel now.

"Did anyone ever tell you that it's rude to eavesdrop?" I snapped, pushing past them.

I walked towards my room when I heard someone mutter "Didn't anyone ever tell you that no one likes a know it all" Then a loud thump and an "Ouch! Bloody hell, I was just telling the truth!" I slammed my door shut before I could hear anymore.

I flopped down on my bed, fuming with anger. I wish I wasn't here. I don't want to be around these people. I put in my head phones and turned the volume up real loud, not even listening to what is playing. I just wanted to block everything out. My eyes got heavy, why was I so tired all the time... 

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