Forced Fresh Start

Seventeen year old Sami Gray lives in dreary New Zealand, but when things start going down hill, she moves to London to make a fresh start. What will happen when she meets 5 teenage boys and is forced to live with them? Will her dislike of their careers and celebrity persona ruin everything for her, or will she change her mind and enjoy the path that her new life is taking her on?


4. Explanations and Understandings


I can't believe this is happening! I slid down the door, still balling my eyes out. First I lose my parents, then Jacob leaves again, and now this? I can't even imagine how disappointed Uncle Paul is going to be in me for the way that I just acted. But those boys, I hated everything they stood for and now I'm going to have to live with them for god knows how long... I have never felt so alone in my whole life. The tears just kept coming and coming, I slowly picked my self up off the floor and moved to the double bed that was placed in the center of the room, I didn't even bother to look at the room I was in, I just buried my head into my pillow and continued crying until eventually I fell asleep.



After Sam's little outburst of rudeness, I managed to get all the boys to move to the living room and sit on the couches, I think I have some explaining to do, the boys didn't know about Sam, or that the funeral I had been to was for her parents, I had only talked to my bosses about having her stay here, but I had neglected to tell the boys about her. I guess I should have given her and the boys more warning, but I thought that every teenage girl was going crazy for One Direction, but I guess not Sam. 

"Wow, ummm, is she normally like that?" Naill asked, looking a bit bewildered by what had just happened. "Usually we have to deal with the screaming and fainting, but that has never happened before."

"I'm sorry about that boys, no Naill, she's not normally like that, but she's going through a pretty rough time at the moment, and I didn't tell her about you lot, but I see now that I should have." I didn't really know what else to say.

"What do you mean she's been through a rough time at the moment?" Zayn asked.

"And why is she here with us?" Liam's attitude had changed since his break up with Danielle, and Sam being rude didn't help, but the way he was said that made it seem like he hated her, and being the protective Uncle that I am, that really bugged me, but since I had to stay some what professional, I let his attitude slide, for now.

"Well...." I started to tell them Sam's story, hoping that they would understand.



Wow, Sami really had been through alot, all of us were getting pretty emotional while Paul told us about the real reason why Sami was here. She really didn't deserve any of that to happen, so I guess I can understand why she acted the way she did, but what does she have against us? That's the only bit that wasn't making sense.

"I can't believe all that has happened to her..." Louis was the first to speak, breaking us all out of our thoughts.

"Yeah, she hasn't even cried once, she was always the strong one of the family, apart from her brother of course." Paul said, with what could only be called pride, in his voice.

"I'm gonna go check on her." Harry spoke next,  but his voice cracked as he said it. He seemed slightly more upset about all this than the rest of us, did he have feelings for her?

He got up and left, heading towards her room, we heard a soft knock on her door, close followed by the opening and closing of what we all could only presume, was Sami's door.

At that point, I turned back to Paul and asked what I'm sure was on the other lad's minds,

"There is only one thing that I don't understand, why did she have that reaction to us? It was like she hated us but I'm not sure why."

"I'm not entirely sure Liam, but I think we are gonna find out soon enough, just give her time, that's all she needs, I hope." Paul tried to reassure us all, but he didn't seem so sure himself.



After hearing her story, I just couldn't just sit there knowing that she was in her room all alone. Paul said she hadn't even cried, I don't know how she could not, with everything that had happened to her, I know that I would have been a mess.

I needed to see her face again, and make sure that she was okay. So that's exactly what I did, I told the lads and Paul what I was doing and got up and left. As i approached her door, I knocked softly, but when I didn't get a reply, I opened the door and let myself in, what I saw when I walked in, broke my heart.

Sami was lying on the bed, sleeping, but her face was so distraught and tear stained. I couldn't bare to see her like that, I sat on the side of her bed, all I wanted to do was kiss her on the forehead and smooth all the worry and pain from her face, but thought better of it since that would have been a bit weird, since I had only known her for little over half an hour. Instead I stood up again and left her sleeping, hoping that I would have a better chance of getting to know her when she wakes up.

Instead of going back out the the boys and Paul, I walked into my room and sat down on my bed, pulling out my laptop and opening up twitter. 

I tweeted "Why do the most beautiful souls have to be the ones that get hurt the most xx"


******* AUTHORS NOTE *******

Hey luvies! Thanks for reading my very first fan fic!!! I hope you're liking it so far?

Any questions for me about the story or anything else, feel free to use any of these :)

Twitter: @SamiKirikiri or @MissTeenHarmony

Kik: sami_rose

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