All about us

This is about a girl who is a dancer, and her mom strickly wants her as a dancer so for her and Blake to see eachother she has to sneak out to the forrest behind her house.


1. Nothing can stop me now.

Dear anyone reading my blog,

Haha my name Aleigha( UH- LAY- A) Carter. Blake and I decided to make a blog since so many of you have wondered how we met. Well it's a long twisted story of love, rebellion, and emotion driven decisions. So I guess I'll start. I'm a modern dancer at Julliard. I've been dancing since I was two and people have told me I'm really good. The thing is when I came to New York, I wasn't looking for a dance career.. I was looking for love. And that's exactly what I found. ;) My mom and dad of course graduating from Julliard wanted me to strictly focus on Julliard... but, I wanted love. My best friend Khloe ( KLO- EEE ) Mikalsyn( MI-KUHL-SIN) who dances with me at Julliard came to New York and found love, and was much happier than I was while dancing. So I decided since Khloe could do it so could I and I could be equally as happy. And so here is where my story beings. "Hey! Aleigha!," Khloe screamed as I came out of the terminal. "Khloe!," I bellowed. I'm pretty sure I knocked over everyone and their dog as I pounced towards Khloe. I sprung in the air landing in Khloe's arms. "I can not- believe- your here! ," she squealed as she spun me around. She set me down. Now for an 100lb girl who is 5'3 picking a girl the same weight and height as her was probably not   the easiest thing to do. "Where's the boy ?! ," I chirped Khloe jumped up and squealed and tightly hugged herself. I nudged her shoulder and laughed "Stop freaking  out ... haha just tell me," I giggled. "Hey Mason!," Khloe dashingly called. The hunkiest man turned around and i grabbed her shoulder. She looked back and nodded with a huge smile. Her smile grew bigger as she walked toward him. He picked her up and kissed her.. and I mean kissed her. He set her down and held her hand they turned around and Khloe said " Mason,  Khloe, Khloe,  Mason ," "Aleigha . , " I said as I shook his hand. "Can I carry your suit case for you?,  Mason asked. "Ohh.. this ? ," I asked. "Well.. that's a suitcase...." , he akwardly smiled. "I knew that.... and yeah, have at it , " I said. " Well well, we've all met, we're ready to go.... LETS HIT THIS CITY! ," Khloe went springing down the hall and out the airport door. "Hahah we better hurry or we're not going to be in the same cab as her! , " Mason smiled. We took off running after Khloe. Mason banged the glass doors open, and I gasped. Huge billboards, lots of people, lights. "That'll be me. ," I pointed to a dancer on the billboard. "I walked toward the billboard in a trance "People, lights, fans.. this is where my dream begins  this is where i belong, this is" "OWW!," a man yelled. "Watch where you're going!" "Ohh.. sorry!," I squealed. Embarrased i looked back at Mason who was laughing so hard he was crying. "Yeah, yeah , I said "Poke fun" I turned back to the billboard "Nothing can stop me now"

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