Skins - A One Direction Fanfic

Okay so this story is centered around lives of the teenagers that attend college (highschool) in a small town in England. When two very different cliques come together alot can happen. Love, depression, hate, sex, betrayal, running away, pregnancy, fun, death, mind games, injury, health problems. Join Effy Stonem, Mini McGuiness, Emily and Katie Fitch, Grace Blood, Cook, JJ, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik on their adventure through their adventures of being a teenager.

Characters are from Skins U.K, and One Direction. I love these people with all of my hearts!

Keep reading, I will make it interesting, no spelling mistakes, and as amazing as possilbe!?!?

I would really like a trailer for this fanfic!! So if you are intersted maybe?:) Umm, and if you do can you use the characters from skins U.K (effy, naomi, emily, katie, cook, freddie, mini, and JJ) If you do make one, I will honestly love you:)


4. Why were you with them?

                                                                   Liam's P.O.V


I looked at Effy's phone and saw a text I didn't want to see.

Cook: Hey, why were you with them? Their fags okay. Don't speak to them, there just going to screw you up. Your the one girl I ever loved. You know what, go ahead mess up your life, I don't care. But tell your buddy's to watch it, I got my eye on them

What am I supposed to do? I didn't think I would do what I did do. It could tottally screw things up. And I am usually the one that helps everyone with their problems, I don't really have problems of my own, well that anybody knew of anyways...

Effy: I could care less of what you think. The guys are good people unlike yourself, especially Liam.

I guess I wasn't that scared if he tried to fight me. I mean, I had gotton pretty buff since I started boxing and running. Allthough I don't really enjoy it, I was pretty good at it. I don't think I was thinking when I sent the text. Cook didn't really have any friends besides J.J and Freddie. He just knew everyone and everyone knew him. Then again he always acts like a maniac most of the time so they were bound to notice him. Well atlease I would have an excuse to talk to Effy, you know to give her back her phone.

                                                                  Effy's P.O.V

It was school again. I was actually hoping to see if someone had my phone. Hopefully no one looked through my phone, I would be dead. I got dressed as usuall. And made my way to school, walking. I arrived and saw a happy group of girls except Mini, she just look annoyed by Katie. Same with Emily. And Naomi. So actually there was 1 happy girl and 3 annoyed girls. I made my way over there giving 3/4 girls a WTF look. They rolled their eyes. As we continued to talk about nothing, I looked over to see Cook and Freddie eyeing me. What the hell was wrong now? The school bell rang and I was about to walk through the doors when suddenly I was pushed out of my way. It was Cook.

"What the hell is your problem you wanker?" I yelled as he turned around with Freddie right behind him.

"I don't know why don't you ask Liam?" I heard Freddie mumble.

What? Why would they bring up Liam?

"What?" I asked unsurely.

"You heard him the first time." He said as he eyed me up and down then with a smug look on his face he and Freddie turned around and made their way to lost J.J.

Did they think I was that big of a slut? Maybe I am. You know what they can go to hell. Sadly for me I'm already in hell.

                                                                Mini's P.O.V

I was in maths class. When I felt eye's on me.

I looked around the classroom and saw Zayn staring at me. Woah.

I looked directly in his eyes for about a half a second then we both looked seperate ways as fast as we could. Akward. Wow, I have never actually been nervous because of a guy before, I'm usually totally confident. Weird...

                                                                Liam's P.O.V

Lunch was after maths, good I was starving. And since my locker was right beside Niall's I would know that he is starving.

"IM STARVING" he complained as he waited for me to finish at my locker. I was just about to lock it when Effy came behind me and gentally tapped me on the back.

"Umm, I think I might have left my phone at yours yesturday, have you seen it?" She questioned looking beautiful. Oh god, I really like her.

"uh, wait... erm..." I muttered as I searched through my locker looking for her phone.

"This it?" I asked her holding the phone in my hand.

"Yeah... thank you. Uhm can I talk to you" Effy asked me.

Niall was beside me and her and was looking at the both of us smileing. Effy gave him a weird look followed by her breaking the silence.

"Alone?" She said akwardly. Niall then gave me a sad look and made his way to the gym.

He left leaving me and Effy alone.

"Do you know why Cook has been acting up, he mentioned you aswell?" She asked unpatientally waiting for me to answer.

"No, Why would I do that?" I lied.

Disappiontement struck her face.

"Okay I kind of looked through your texts and he texted some mean stuff so I replied, you can check yourself." I mumbled as I was looking at my feet. Oh god could this be anymore akward.

She checked her phone quickly.

Read through the messages with a disgusted look on her face.

"What.The.Fuck" she said looking at me questionablely.

What should I say?

Before I could say anything she interrupted me.

"You know, I am not interesting in you. Your great, well your kind of great. To be honest, I don't really know you. But me and you wouldn't work. So just keep your distance and you will all be safe." She said with the most serious look on her face.

Oh god I could feel my throat swelling up and tears making my way to my eyes. But I just stayed as calm as I could.

"Okay" is all I could stay.

As soon as she left I punched my locker as hard as I could


A teacher looked at me and was shaking her head at me.

The tears started coming out. I stood with my back against my locker and slid down till I was sitting on the floor.

How could she be so heartless.

How could I be so stupid. This wasn't her fault.

It was all MY fault. I couldn't blame Effy allthough I wanted too. I just stayed their all through recess with my head in my hands pouting then crying then pouting, then crying and so on.

I could hear the loud vioces from the gymnasium and just thought about the whole situation for a while.


 Okay so how is it? Sorry it was short, I will update tonight or tommorow!!! There is a trailer coming soon so check that out I will leave a link when it comes out. The next chapter takes place with the others. So who do you ship?!?!?!?!? Leave a comment, like, favourite, fan it means ALOT. Thanks xoxo




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