Skins - A One Direction Fanfic

Okay so this story is centered around lives of the teenagers that attend college (highschool) in a small town in England. When two very different cliques come together alot can happen. Love, depression, hate, sex, betrayal, running away, pregnancy, fun, death, mind games, injury, health problems. Join Effy Stonem, Mini McGuiness, Emily and Katie Fitch, Grace Blood, Cook, JJ, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik on their adventure through their adventures of being a teenager.

Characters are from Skins U.K, and One Direction. I love these people with all of my hearts!

Keep reading, I will make it interesting, no spelling mistakes, and as amazing as possilbe!?!?

I would really like a trailer for this fanfic!! So if you are intersted maybe?:) Umm, and if you do can you use the characters from skins U.K (effy, naomi, emily, katie, cook, freddie, mini, and JJ) If you do make one, I will honestly love you:)


3. Wait, why am I here?

                                                            Mini's P.O.V

Ugh dumb,dumb, dumb people. I wasn't in the mood to kiss anybody, especially these people who I don't know very well. We decided to play spin the bottle instead, it was just easier apparently. When the bottle pointed at me first I shook my blonde hair and stood up. "Oh come on, you gotta play" Katie practically begged.

"No, I really don't." I stated.

"Aww fine." I her mutter as I walked to go get my bag.

I pulled down my gold skirt picked up my bags and slid on my black pumps. I wa out of here. How dare the think I would go make out with some random stranger, ugh they made me so mad. I was just leaving when I heard "Bye Mini!" someone shouted. I looked behind me to see who it was, to my surprise it was Zayn. I gave him an uneasy smile and said "bye" back to him. I took my first step out of the house and was on my way home.


                                                            Emily's P.O.V

Hmm this is completely akward. I didn't know any of these boys. Except Niall who I had one tiny conversation with. Not even a conversation.

I kept my eye on the bottle and then it suddenly stopped at me.


I didn't see who had spun it, allthough Katie was laughing looking back and forth between me and Niall. Oh great. Harry patted Niall on the back. We were both kind of akward. See, I have never really kissed anyone. So I didn't know how to.

I got on my knee's and leaned in. And I felt warm lips on mine, for about 1 second. That was it?

That was awsome:)

My heart was pumping. Oh god, I had goosebumps everywhere. My blush bacame more red as I blushed. I looked over to see Niall with an akward smile on his face. Oh no! Did I kiss bad. I'm no expert but I am pretty sure you can't be bad at pecking on the lips. Oh no, did my breath stink. I swore I took mints. Maybe it was because I was ugly, or fat, or smelt or something bad. Oh gawd.


                                                          Niall's P.O.V

Wow that kiss was extraordinary, it was my second kiss. And it was alot better than my first kiss for sure. Eww bad memories. I don't even remember who it was with, all I know is that we were in a dark room thrown together for 7 minutes in heaven in grade 7.

But I felt something there, I don't know if it was just me but she was kind of cute.

The way her make up was perfectly applied. She kind of reminded me of a delicate porcalein doll. She had beautiful dark red hair with crooked bangs and bold brown eyes. Wow. I never actually noticed her until now. But she was pretty beautiful.

I got a warm feeling in my stomach. I looked over at her and saw a worried look on her face. Oh great was I not good!?!?!

A whole bunch of crazy thoughts were flowing through my head, when suddenly the bottle started to spin again.

Katie spun it, and it landed on Zayn. Ahahaha I saw the dissapointment in his eyes.

She totally jumped on him. He was definately not ready.

                                                          Zayn's P.O.V

Oh great, I got that Katie chick. I've only know her for how long and she seems completely full of herself, and she's quite annoying. Not to metion in everyone's buiseness.

I had my legs stretched out, with my arms supporting me reaching behind my back. Then suddenly BANG.

Vas' Happening, I thought.

Katie just happened.

She jumped on me and crashed her lips into mine, banging my teeth against hers-ouch. Eww, it was all slobery. She tried to enter her tounge into my mouth when I finally pushed her off me.

She fixed her hair, and I wiped my mouth giving her the WTF? Face. I wasn't that into how many chicks I could get or any of that B.S. I more cared about finding the one. I know it sounds cheesy, but it was true. I needed her to be my princess. Me and Niall share that feeling.

                                                            Liam's P.O.V

Ahaha that was funny, but a bit rude of Zayn. Katie's feelings could be hurt. In fact I think they were hurt. I kind of felt guilty. It was my turn to spin the bottle, and it landed on Effy. YES. I knew I wasn't her type.

In fact she wasn't mine. Actually if I think about it, I don't have a type.

 But she was so perfect. I know she's not a good influence or anything, but still. She seemed like she just puts on an act. I could tell she has had a rough past, and I knew with my heart I could fix it. She was absoluteluy beautiful with her staright brown hair. She was very skinny, more skinny that I usually like. But whatever.

I got closer to her when suddenly.


Oh no, my parents were home! We all quickly got up and I quickly and impatiently showed everyone the directions to my back door. I raced up to my room and plopped up on my bed, random book in hand.

                                                              Effy's P.O.V

Saved by the bell!

I hope Liam doesn't get the wrong impression. We all headed our seperate ways. I finally reached my street. Walking down the sidewalk with my ripped fishnet leggings, I felt useless. Like a prostitute with no love or something like that shit.

But I didn't have love, not a drop of it. My parents don't really care for me. But my brother does, but he's gone now. Off to Uni or something. I was completely alone in this world. I know alot of people want me and all, but they are just clueless as of what I am capable of. Except for Freddie. Me and him tried, but it didn't work. I broke his heart, I break everyone's heart. He was my first love. Oh god a tear trickled down my cheeck. I wiped it away. I was Effy Stonem, I don`t cry. I can`t. I`m the one who is not supposed to have emotion. But that doesn`t stop me.

My thoughts followed me up to my room. I changed into some pj's. Went to the bathroom and took my make-up off. My make-up that was now smudged. I looked in the mirror, directly at my bright blue eyes. I walked back across the hall and went to my clean bedroom. Mom must have cleaned it or something. I plopped down on my massive water bed  with an ``I LOVE DAILY SEX`` writing on my wall. That always made me smile, it was from when my brother had this room. I looked at my backpack that was laying on my desk. Aha, there is no way in hell I am doing my homework.

I went to go check my jeans that were on the bathroom floor to get my phone.

But it wasn`t there.

                                                                  Katie`s P.O.V

Me and Emily pushed ourways through the doorway. We took our boot`s off and headed for our room. Our room was red, my choice. Emily wanted green, but who the hell would want green as a room colour. That`s just gross.

Anyways, its allready 8:30 and I need my beauty sleep. Tommorow me and Mini are working on a charity fashion show to kick of the school year and I need as much energy I can get. Its already dark out so I got changed and did my nightly routine, and jumped into my bed which is across from Em`s. I kind of just wanted to pretend like tonight never happened. I mean I was humiliated infront of my friends after what Zayn did.

I turn off the lights, and shut my eyes.

`What the hell Emily`` I questioned her, she just flicked the lights on.

``I`m not going to bed, so I am keeping them on`` She hissed.

``Are you serious, go to hell`` I yelled.

I got up and turned them off. Ouch my hair was pulled and I was pushed out of the way. That bitch. ``Get off me hoe`` I screamed as I hit her in the face.

Oh god she started to cry. Well what did she expect, a thankyou:$ Whatever she`ll be fine I thought, then I made my way back to bed and cozy up, before I knew it I was asleep.

                                                            Mini`s P.O.V

I had just gotton out of the shower, and was blowdrying my hair. It was silky soft and after it dried, I pulled it back into a pony. I decided before I went to bed I could squeeze in one last excersise. I turned on some music on my Ipod dock and got out my pink yoga mat and layed it out on my white fluffy rug. My room almost completely pink, what can I say, I love Pink. I had some Brittany spears and some Kesha playing, I know their crap but they were good to get you pumping. I threw punches in certain directions, some yoga, some weights when I started to feel dizzy. I might as well go to bed. I remembered the last time I ated with was a few almonds at the mall. I lightly fainted onto my bed, and eveything went black.


                                                             Liam`s P.O.V

It`s 11:00 now, I should be getting to bed. But I need a drink.

I snuck down to my Kitchen and grabbed a cup of water when suddenly something vibrated making me jump. I turned around to see a flashing phone on a table, I quickly grab that and my drink and head upstairs.

I lay in my bed, and decide to check who`s phone it is.

It`s Effy`s, what shoulde I do.

It vibrates in my hand and see her texted her, it was from Cook, ugh I strongly dislike that kid.

I usually wouldn`t do this, but come on it was Effy`s phone here. Right in my Liam Paynes hand. So I go straight ahead and check the text.


Going to update soon don`t you worry!! Maybe tonight, probrobly tonight actually:) Who do you guys ship so far. Please leave a comment!




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