Skins - A One Direction Fanfic

Okay so this story is centered around lives of the teenagers that attend college (highschool) in a small town in England. When two very different cliques come together alot can happen. Love, depression, hate, sex, betrayal, running away, pregnancy, fun, death, mind games, injury, health problems. Join Effy Stonem, Mini McGuiness, Emily and Katie Fitch, Grace Blood, Cook, JJ, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik on their adventure through their adventures of being a teenager.

Characters are from Skins U.K, and One Direction. I love these people with all of my hearts!

Keep reading, I will make it interesting, no spelling mistakes, and as amazing as possilbe!?!?

I would really like a trailer for this fanfic!! So if you are intersted maybe?:) Umm, and if you do can you use the characters from skins U.K (effy, naomi, emily, katie, cook, freddie, mini, and JJ) If you do make one, I will honestly love you:)


1. First Day of School

 Effy's P.O.V

Hi, my name is Effy I live in a small town in England. Theres honestly aroud 20,000 people that live here. But I have my peers to keep me entertained. One including my boyfriend. I think I am going to break up with him. I mean he's a douche, controlling, and I am pretty sure he has cheated on me. I was about to go see everyone at school pretty soon... oh god I hate school.

"WAKE UP SWEETIE" my mom yelled from downstair. "Yeah, I know!" I screamed in a nice way. Now... what to wear. It was my first day back after the summer break. I wanted to make a good impression on the new kids, because believe it or not some new kids are transfering to our fail college of 1,500 kids.

I decided on some white jean short shorts with black fishnet leggings and some black studded comback boots. I also added a purple lacy tank top. Okay I know a bit slutty but whatever right? The arm wholes on the tank top were a bit low, you could see the side of my bra. I went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth with colgate mint stuff, I only use mint, all the other stuf is crap. Straightened my dark shiny brown hair/brushed it. Did my makeup. I didn't wear much foundation and such, but I did wear alot of mascara and black liquide liner to bring out my blue eyes. I rushed down the stairs nearly falling and cracking my head open. It happens to me every morning, I swear one of these days I am going to die. I grabbed my bag, a yogurt bar and a smoothie and I made my way through the door after giving my parents a kiss on the cheek.

I decided on walking by myself. It was a beautiful morining! Across the bridge I went, listening to my Ipod. I was singing cold play when I was interrupted by a tap on my shoulder.

"Umm hello? Blair right?" I heard a deep boy's voice as I turned around. I saw two boys. It was Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. I have went to school with them since gr.7 and never had one conversation with them. We are now in grade 11. "Yep, and your Harry and Louis I think?" I answered with a small smile. "Yeah, we were just wondering if we could walk the rest of the way to school with you, yeah?" Louis asked cheekily. Umm I have never spoken to these boys before, why the hell would I walk with them. Well, I guess we could be friends? Whats the harm in that. I know my boyfried Chris really didn't like them. I believe he actually beat a few of their little gang up a few times in the time they knew eachother. Me and Chris new eachother since grade 4 when I moved here from Bristol, a city in England. And Harry, Louis and their gang went to a different school as kids.

"Uh yeah, sure" I stuttered.

"Yaay" Louis smiled following him elblowing him in the stomach.

"Shut up dude" Harry chuckled.

I kind of felt flattered. I mean, they were boys who wanted to walk to school with me. I always thought they were all kind of cute. But from what I have heard they are really hard to get along with. But they didn't seem that bad In fact they didn't seem bad at all. A few minutes later Zayn, Niall, and Liam ran towards us.

"Hey lads" Zayn said panting. I guess he wasn't much of a runner. Allthough I know for a fact Liam Payne Is a good runner. He is the best in our school to be exact. "Hello, this is... umm... like... Oh Effy, sorry" Harry stuttered. "Umm, Hello" I quietely spoke. "Hi! I'm Liam!" Liam exclaimed. I laughed, and smiled. "And I am Niall" Niall said. "And umm I am Zayn!" Zayn added to the rest of the boys. "Why Hello" I said smirking. We all started for the school. It was around 15 minutes from where we were.

"So, where did you come from Effy?" Zayn asked, as we were all walking in a large line. "Well, ask your two boyfriends here, Harry and Louis are the ones that came up to me." I stated. "Ooooh do you liiiiiike her?" Liam chuckled. "Umm no? We just thought we would be nice, she was around 10 feet infront of us." Harry said pissed. Why was he so mad? " Woah, chill buddy. "Zayn said as he patted Harry's back. For the rest of the walk there we just asked each other randome questions like favourite movies, colours, books, and that sort of things. I don't know why I asked book, these guys aren't the book reading type of people lets just say. But I was suprised when some of them actually gave answers. Most surprised when Zayn said Harry Potter aswell. I know for a fact Harry and Niall drink. Alot, because I saw them drink a few times at parties. And I know that Liam doesn't drink. I don't know why though. Maybe he wants to be healthy for his running or something? And Louis and Zayn, they do drink, not as much as Harry or Niall but they still drink quite a bit.

We arrived to the school, and we parted ways. ''Bye guys'' I said as I started to walk away. I then heard 5 bye's following my bye. I tried my best to act as cool as I could around them. I did around everyone. As powerful it made me feel, I always had problems with myself, and just wanted to break down and cry because no body knew the real me.

''Umm what the hell were you doing with them''Cook asked. ''I just walked to school with them, why is there a problem?'' I said smirking. Ugh he was such a loser. ''Their wankers!'' I knew he would say something stupid like that. ''Not really, I have only had one conversation with them and I can tell their good guys'' I unpatientally stated. ''Whatever.'' He said. The twins, Katie and Emily came into our group of two. Then came, Mini looking stunning as always. Making us a group of 5. Freddie then came along, and then J.J right behind Freddie. I didn't exactly like all of them but I acted like I did. ''Cook, we are through, your honestly such a dickhead that I can't handle being around.'' I said as I walked away towards the school.

Mini's P.o.v

Umm what just happened. I rushed up towards Effy and grabbed her arm, followed by me was Katie and Emily. Oh great, katie... ''Oh what did he do this time'' I asked with a sad look on my face, allthough I could care less of what happened. They would get back together again, they always do. ''Nothing, he's just a wanker, and I am sick of putting up with him. Its not worth it.'' She said shaking her head, "Well he's always been a douche" Katie whined. Emily just stayed quiet and looked down at her feet, she never got involved with stuff. We made our way into the big stone buiding and entered the big gymnasium. We all sat down on the bleachers waiting for the teachers to arrive.Me,Effy, Emily and Katie all sat together at the top. Cook, Freddie and J.J sat a couple rows down to the left from us. I saw a whole bunch of couples sitting together. I didn't have a boyfriend. There's not many people here that suit my standereds lets just say. Then suddenly Naomi came and sat beside me, wearing who knows what. "Hello guys" she said yawning.

Harry's P.O.V

Me and the boys sat at the bottom. I looked around to see if I could see Effy anywhere. And I then saw her at the top of the bleachers, looking at her feet. I must say she was really hot. Hot wasn't a good way to say it, she was beautiful. I saw her look down at me and smile. Wow, what if I become friends with her. What if she already thought of me as a friend.

Liam's P.O.V

Well I had a good morning. I finally talked to Effy. I always had a crush on her and no - body knew it. I am pretty sure I am the only one that likes her, so maybe we could date sometime. Allthough she is way cool. She seems way more mature than anyone else, and she's a bit of a badass. And I can't compete, I mean I am not the partying guy. I suddenly became sad at the thought of it all. The principle came in and gave us all a dirty look. Wow, that is rude. She gave us all our assigned classes. And as usuall I wa with the boys, but this year I was with Effy. Yes!

Emily's P.O.V

I have a rather odd class this year. I am with everyone I know. Well except for the boys Effy walked to school with. I don't know them. And I can tell there would be alot of drama this year. Wait what! Hell no, I was in Katie's class! The last time I had her in my class was in gr. 6. Great, now I will have a terrible year. There is no body in my class, yet the school that I am interested in. I am kind of quiet. I do not like drama. But I do like to party. I am basically everybody's friend, well because I am nice I guess. I walked down the steps with the girls and the rest of my class. We headed for our home-room

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