Skins - A One Direction Fanfic

Okay so this story is centered around lives of the teenagers that attend college (highschool) in a small town in England. When two very different cliques come together alot can happen. Love, depression, hate, sex, betrayal, running away, pregnancy, fun, death, mind games, injury, health problems. Join Effy Stonem, Mini McGuiness, Emily and Katie Fitch, Grace Blood, Cook, JJ, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik on their adventure through their adventures of being a teenager.

Characters are from Skins U.K, and One Direction. I love these people with all of my hearts!

Keep reading, I will make it interesting, no spelling mistakes, and as amazing as possilbe!?!?

I would really like a trailer for this fanfic!! So if you are intersted maybe?:) Umm, and if you do can you use the characters from skins U.K (effy, naomi, emily, katie, cook, freddie, mini, and JJ) If you do make one, I will honestly love you:)


2. Class

                                                Emily's P.O.V


I take a seat beside Naomi. I just stare down at my binder laying on my desk, with my crooked red bangs in my face. I look up to see who took the seat beside mine. It was a boy? I have never really talked to a boy before, well a boy who's not my friend or a bully of some sort. He had blonde hair. Blue eyes, and I think his name was Niall. Wow, I have butterflies in my stomach. Oh god this never happens. I mean, I kind of used to like girls, actually I liked Naomi, who is now my best friend. But never have I ever had butterflies because of a boy. Maybe because all the boys I'm used to are twats. I keep staring at my book and nothing but my empty book. Naomi looks over at me and gives me that annoying sexual eyebrow movement. You know the, up and down thingy, I gave her a serious look and she just chuckled. Oh I hope she doesn't embaress me, allthough I probrobly have allready done so with my outfit. Stupid Katie stole my outfit for school. It was going to make me look like a million bucks, but now I look like a freaking toddler.


                                               Zayns P.O.V

I look around to see who's in my class. I have the boys which is good. Oh great, Cook. I hate him and he hates me. For no reason does he hate me, but he does. I mean why would anyone hate me? I didn't do anything to him? I take my attention away from Cook and continue to look around the room. I see a couple of girls, oh there is Effy. Good she seems pretty cool, allthough I don't fancy her or anything. So far nothing that pops ou- who's that. Why thats Mini McGuiness. She looks stunning. Her blonde hair is falling over her collar bones. Oh god, she looks like a perfect model. But she seems like kind of a bitch. So maybe I shouldn't get my hopes up. 

"Hey BradFordBadBoy" Louis chants as he takes a seat beside me. "Vas Happening?" I say as I smile. "I hope the teacher doesn't make us stand up and say something about ourselves or something" I hear Liam whine. "You better not of Jinxed it" I frown.

And just to Liam's luck Mr.Blood walks in and says " Now let's all take time to stand up and say something unique about ourselves. I laugh in my mind thinking of what Liam is probly thinking.

                                                    Naomi's P.O.V

Oh great I am up first. I hate cheesy stuff like this, and it was incredibally embarrasing. I stand up and feel all eyes on me. "Umm, I am Naomi, and well I hate society" I say proudly. I am not a hipster allthough I may come off as that. I site down and push my bleach blonde long bangs out of my face and smirk. I think I did pretty good if you ask me. As soon as all eyes leave my direction and onto Emily who is up next, their is still a pair on me. Louis?

                                                    Niall's P.O.V

I picked a spot next to some randome girl. She was pretty though, not that it mattered, but it was a bonus. She had red (red) hair and crooked bangs. She had really elegant make-up and was very shy. I look up at her as he stands their to go for her turn. "I'm Emily and I'm kind of shy, but I like bike rides I guess" She says and then sits down. She puts her head in her hands and shakes her head in shame. I chuckle to myself, and ask "I'm guessing you think you failed?" I ask cheekily. "Correction, I did fail" She says laughing quietly. I hear the girl next to her laugh with bleach blonde short hair. The day went on and nothing really exciting happened as usuall.

                                                    Katie's P.O.V

Well today went great! I talked to Freddie an awful lot and realized how damn hot he is. Me and the girls all planned to go to the mall after school. Yaay I loved shopping! We were meeting there at 5:00. I walk through the door of my house and head straight for my room. It's locked, great. "Emily open the door RIGHT NOW" I scream. "Too bad you twat" I hear faintly through the door. "I need to change like right now!" I scream even louder. I run down the stairs and start to complain to my mom. She rushes up with me and we both notice the doors open and no ones in there. That skank. "Umm honey, there is no one in there" My mom said concerned. I rolled my eyes and made my way to my room. I look out my window and the first thing I notice is that Emily is out there smileing back up at me. I return the sarcastic smile and get changed. I picked a mini skirt and tank top in which you can see my cleavelage. "I think I look pretty sexy if you ask me" I say loud enough for Emily to hear me. "Nobody asked you" I hear Ems groan from outside. It was now time to leave.

                                                     Mini's P.O.V

Me and Effy were just chilling at the food court waiting for the other's whe suddenly a group of about 5 boys walked passed us. "Hey Effy" I hear one of them say. He has curly brown hair with the biggest dimples ever. I think thats Harry. "Hey Harry" Effy replies with a bored look on her face. Out of all of us girls, Effy is the most mysterious, and thoughtful one. Who acts like she doesn't give a shit, but I can tell deep inside she does. I feel somebody's eyes on me, and I look up from my phone and notice it's Zayn Mailk looking straight at me. "Umm, escuse me? Zayn right? Can you like stop staring at me?" I snottishly say. "The one and only, and umm sorry" he said looking down at his shoes. The other boys suddenly looked confused. Did they not know, that girls don't exactly like it when you stare at them? "And whats your guys' problem?" I say pouting. "Nothing? But you don't have to be so rude" Liam says with a sad look on his face. "Sorry..." I mumble loud enough for them to hear. "It's allright!" Zayn quickly responds. Aha thats a bit weird. Wow Zayn is kind of cute. Never thought I'd actually sat that, but he is very cute. There comes Emily, Katie and Naomi with WTF looks on their faces. They didn't have to speak for me to know what they were thinking, which was why were we sitting with Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Liam.


                                                 Harry's P.O.V

We all exchanged names and we were all having this big conversation about school. I just couldn't stop looking at Effy. She didn't care about what the other's were talking about, she was just looking everywhere around her. "Hey guys, wanna go to Liams place, its pretty big and his parents aren't home" I asked everyone. Liam gave me a death glare. Man, if looks could kill.... "Dude relax were not going to trash the place or anything. Everyone smiled and agreed and we were off the Liams. As we were leaving I saw Cook, Freddie and J.J staring. J.J and Freddie were allright, but Cook not so much. We got into a fist fight last year and that was about it. Apparently I was in his way or some useless reason.


                                                         Effy' P.O.V

Oh god, Liam and Harry couldn't get their eye's of me the whole walk there. I hope they don't like me or anything. I am in love with Freddie and kind of Cook. Liam nor Harry are my type. I hope they don't think I have feelings for them or something - cuz I don't. I am not good with relation ships. I would break their hearts, I know it. We arrived at Liams' placc. Holy crap, it was huge, mansion like. I heard many oo's and aww's as we walked in. What a place man. I just stared everywhere. We all gathered in the living room. This was not like mine or the girls' places, ours were not as big or clean. They were kind of scattered and small and in rough area's. I pulled out my bag, and got a pack of cigarette's out. I was just about to light it when Liam cut me off. "Sorry love, you can't smoke in here:" Well that's lame but what ever. I walked out of the house and heard foot steps behind mine. I ignored them and continued to walk out. "Can I borrow one, please" A deep voice asked as I turned around. Oh great it was Harry. "Um yeah, why not" I mumbled as I digged in my bag for the pack. "Here you go" I said as I handed him the smoke. I don't think he's ever smoken before, cuz when he puffed he choked and coughed. I couldn't help but giggle. He looked sad. "It's allright, here let me show you" I offered. He willingly agreed. I grabbed my cigarette with my two fingers and inhaled. I slowly breathed it out. He caught the smoke in his mouth and inhaled the smoke. I smiled and he smirked. I got closer to him, handed him the cigarette and watched as he tried to do it himself. He succesfully did it this time but pouted as he said "Ugh, definately not for me" he said. I gave him a weird look and heading inside leaveing a lonely Harry.


                                                           Naomi's P.O.V

Ofcorse, they picked truth or dare to play....


Do you guys like it? Hopefully you do! Keep reading! My twitter is @TheyMagicMaggie if you follow me I'll keep you updated as to when I am going to wtite!

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