Unexpected Love (Harry Styles and 1D fanfic)

Ashley moves to London with her best friend Amelia (Am) after Ashley's big break up. She ends up meeting One Direction band member Harry Styles, while Am has her eye on another one of them...

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3. What Just Happened?

I needed to leave. I get my things and notice that Am is already walking towards their direction ready to start something. I run after her, knowing what she would do. 

(Am slaps Andy)

"How dare you fkn make out with this slut!"

"Who you calling a slut?" the other girl says.

"You obviously! You are making out with my best friends boyfriend!"

I want to run away, jump into a time capsule and start this day all over.

"Her boyfriend? Last time I checked he was my boyfriend."

I feel like i just got punched in the stomach and beat up.

Am this time slaps the chick.

While I'm pushing through the crowd, tears falling off my face, I hear Andy calling for me behind. I get outside before he does, but he catches me outside.



poor Ash :( but it'll all be better later....

ps this is how Am looks... http://peacelovemairead.tumblr.com/post/12448236452

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