Unexpected Love (Harry Styles and 1D fanfic)

Ashley moves to London with her best friend Amelia (Am) after Ashley's big break up. She ends up meeting One Direction band member Harry Styles, while Am has her eye on another one of them...

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7. Niall Horan




"OMG I'm so sorry, here let me help you" he said.

"It's ok, at least my things didn't fall out of the bag" I say grabbing it off the floor, and all of my things fall out.
Stupid thing backfired.


"Are you serious! I didn't even step foot in this country and bad things are happening already!" I yelled.

The cute blonde boy began helping me pick up all my things.

"So you're new here ey." he asked, looking into my eyes. I started falling into his eyes. Then finally snapped out.

"Yea, I will be living here for now on. Are you visiting or...?"

"No, I'm just coming back from my mini tour around a little of Europe. By the way, I'm Niall Horan, and you are?" he said with such a warm smile.

Niall Horan, that name rings a bell, but I don't know why.

"Ashley Cole. Are you a singer or something, since you said you were on tour?" 

"Yeaah. I'm in this band called One Direction, I'm sure you haven't heard of us. But we're pretty famous around here haha." he stated.


"Ohh, ok. Now I remember where I saw your face." I said. He must think I'm a stalker or something.

"I'm surprised that you're not going crazy like all those other crazy fans!"

"Haha well I just got here, and I don't know a lot of things about this place," I say as we finally finish putting all of my things in the bag. 

"That's not good!" Niall said with a cheeky grin.

"Here gimme your number and I'll show you around sometime", Niall said pulling out his phone.

I took it and put my number in. 

I think I will really get to like London after all.


After we both finally got off the plane I see Am standing next to these boys, but she's just waiting for me. Then Niall ends up walking over to those boys. I bet they are in his band. I walk over to Am. Looking over at Niall I see that he has told his band members about our little chat.


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