Unexpected Love (Harry Styles and 1D fanfic)

Ashley moves to London with her best friend Amelia (Am) after Ashley's big break up. She ends up meeting One Direction band member Harry Styles, while Am has her eye on another one of them...

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6. New Beginning

Ashley POV

We boarded our plane the next day and had such a LONG and sleepy ride. Even though I was exhausted  I couldn't sleep because my mind was going through too many thoughts. My mother. She would've never let me do this, but I know that she is proud of me for moving on to a new chapter in my life. 

Sitting next to Am, watching her snore makes me laugh. I notice a newspaper on her little stand. The airline must have given it to her. It's some type of London one. I look at it and see these 5 hot guys on the front cover called One Direction. They must be in a band. Skimming though the pages I end up on the page that talks about them. Impressed, that they won 3rd place in the XFactor in England, I kept reading. Apparently they are so big that EVERY girl in England and Ireland are going mad! What Makes You Beautiful is their song. Sounds like a good song, I thought. 

I decided to look them up on YouTube while we were still on the plane. THEY ARE AMAZING! Especially the curly haired one, but to me they are all great! 

I was getting even more tired reading....

Opening my eyes, I notice that I fell asleep listening to their song and it was still on replay. Am is already awake and eating breakfast. The flight attendant gave me my breakfast too and I thanked her. 

"How'd you sleep?" Am asked.

"Short, but lovely. You?"

"It was ok."

"Did you read that newspaper?" I asked handing her the paper.

"No, why what's it... OMG WHO ARE THEY!?"

"Some band called One Direction, they're pretty famous in England." I said.

"Thank God we are going to England, we might be able to get boyfriends! she said all excited about it.

Andy. Why am I thinking of him? He broke MY heart. I quickly came back to what Am was saying. 

"Yea I know, I will be needing it." I said.

*Please buckle your seat belts, we will be landing in London in 5 minutes.*

Me and Am just look at eachother and smile.


We finally landed and I was trying to get my bag from the shelf above. A blonde cutie accidentally bumps into me, causing me to drop my purse on him and he dropped his things.



SORRY for not writing, I've been busy with a lot of high school registration junk

i wonder who that little blonde fella is....?

haha anyways, read, like, love, comment?

STAY BEAUTIFUL all of ya'll! <3

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