Unexpected Love (Harry Styles and 1D fanfic)

Ashley moves to London with her best friend Amelia (Am) after Ashley's big break up. She ends up meeting One Direction band member Harry Styles, while Am has her eye on another one of them...

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9. Meeting New People


Harry POV

"Where's Niall?" asked Liam.

We were waiting for Niall for over 10 minutes! And trust me, you don't wanna see the guys wait.

I see this girl waiting next to us alone. I bet she's waiting for someone too.

Finally Niall comes out with this really beautiful brunette hair. She's just perfect. I guess Niall must have been talking to her or something.

"Hey! Are you trying to follow me?" said Niall to the girl. 

God she's beautiful.


"No Niall. I'm not. Haha. Niall meet my bestfriend Amelia, well I call her Am." I said pushing her towards Niall. 

I wonder if she remembers the newspaper...

"Umm hi, I'm Am. Nice to meet you," she says holding her hand out for Niall to shake it. He does. 

"Oh by the way. These are my bandmates."Niall said pointing to the group of guys next to him. 

Am turns to me, wide eyes. I just nodded knowing that she knew what I meant.

"Liam, Zayn, Harry, and..." Niall said and they waved slightly when he said their names.


"HI I'M LOUIS!" screamed the last one.

Me and Am start laughing.

Harry POV

I hit Louis in the stomach. He winced like a girl. 

I take my hand out of my pocket, and shake Ashley's hand. 

"Hi nice to meet you, I'm Harry" I say. My cheeks feel warm now. Great, I'm blushing.

"Hey, I'm Ashley. So I guess you live here in London?" she asked.

I put my hands back in my pocket, acting a little shy. 
Why am I shy and nervous? I'm never like this around girls. And trust me, I've seen MANY girls.

"Yeah I live here, how about you?" I ask.

"I just moved here. I guess imma be living here for quite a while." she says. 

So she's gunna be living here ey?

I had to make a move.

"Well since you're new here, why don't I give you a tour of London."

"Yea. I would like that." she says smiling. 

"Niall has my number. Call me soon!" she says slowly walking away.

I run after her, and stop her.

"Wait, no hug?" I say pouting like a puppy.

She giggled quietly and gave me a hug. 

I wish I could've hugged her longer.

"Bye Harry" she whispered into my ear. It gave me chills from head to toe. 

"Bye gorgeous." I say back as I start walking back to the mates. 

"BEFORE YOU GUYS SAY ANYTHING, I CALL DIBS! I really really like her guys." I told em.

"Its cool mate, I got my eye on her bestfriend" said Niall.


After Harry gave me a hug, I knew that he liked me. Well I think he likes me? I'm not sure. But he is a real cutie. 

"Dam girl. We just stepped foot in London and you already snatching boys. In fact, HOT CELEBRITY GUYS! haha" said Am.

"Hey don't only put this on me, I saw the way Niall was looking at you. I bet he likes you Am." I say.

She nudges my side.

"Niall and Harry offered to give us a tour of London. You want Niall, and I get Harry?" I asked Am.


"Haha ok, I'll text Niall in a hour." I say. I'm getting really excited! 

We get our bags and head to our hotel. 

Nothing super fancy. 

We had 2 rooms. 1 bathroom, and a little kitchen.

But the view was just jaw-dropping. It was SOOO stunning!

I'm falling in love with London by the second.



see, on Quotev I have the pictures of the hotel room and everything so that you can visualize it better....

anyways, thanks for reading! comment!

bye for now :) 

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