Unexpected Love (Harry Styles and 1D fanfic)

Ashley moves to London with her best friend Amelia (Am) after Ashley's big break up. She ends up meeting One Direction band member Harry Styles, while Am has her eye on another one of them...

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1. About Ashley

Finally we were off for summer vacation and soon it was going to be mine's and Andy's one year anniversary  Oh yeah first off I should tell you a little about my crazy messed up life.

My name is Ashley Cole but people call me Ash. 


yeah that's me. I live in the USA with my dad. My mother passed away 5 months ago from cancer. It was a sad time for everyone, especially me since she was the only woman in my family. I also have a brother, Vince (Vinny). He's 25 now and is engaged. I am dating the most perfect guy I know, Andy. I've known him ever since we were little, but then he moved and we haven't talked until 3 years ago when we ended up going to the same high school  Ever since then we left off from where we started. Now we both ended junior year and will be spending most of our time together, if my dad will let me. He thinks that he's just another one of those jocks that uses girls. But we never know, to me he could be the one.

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