I Want The Curls

Jissel is a not that famous dancer and an actress that lives in the UK. she's a big directioner and always had a huge crush on Harry Styles. She has been asked to be one of the dancers to dance in One Direction's performance at the Brits. that will be her first time meeting the boys and her long time crush,Harry. What will happen? read to find out :) xx


3. Talking, The Park,Hidding Boxes, The boys



Chapter 3

Christi’s P.O.V

I went to check on Jissel since we had made plans to go shopping but she wasn’t at her apartment so I decided to wait for her and I took a nap. Hours later I was woken up by someone sitting next to me in bed crying. “what’s wrong Jissel” I said as I sat up. “Oh Christi, I’m so stupid” “explain babe!” I was really worried now. “ok well last night after the party I went home with Harry… I .. I gave him my V card” she kept on crying even harder now. “ aren’t you supposed to be happy about this?” I said really confused now. “ hell yeah, I enjoyed every bit of it but when I woke up in the morning i told him we had to talk and I chickened out and ran out of his flat” “what the fuck Jissel!!” can she get any more stupid? “ if you want anything else to happen between you and Hazza you need to talk to him ASAP” “ugh Christi I know” “alright I’ll leave you now, take a nap”

Jissel’s P.O.V

I tried to do what Christi told me, take a nap but I couldn’t.  I decided to text Harry. To: Hazza – can you come over ? :( xx’. Suddenly I felt really sleepy and eventually ended up falling asleep. “ Babe are you awake” and I felt someone shaking me what the hell bro. I opened my eyes to see Harry smiling at me “you’re awake!” “ noooo, you woke me up !” “ sorry babe, but I made you lunch since you were sleeping” aw isn’t he the sweetest? “ aw you didn’t have to Harry” “ but I wanted to now come lets go eat”. The lunch was amazing, this boy can cook ! but I still haven’t forgotten the reason why I asked him to come over.

We were in the living room watching ‘love actually’ but the movie was about to finish. “ Harry remember how I told you we needed to talk?” I asked without looking at him and concentrating on the movie. “yes love, what is it?” “about last night…” “yeah tell me” “first of all I enjoyed every single bit of it, and I thought it was important that I told you that you were my first. I know it was stupid to run away from you in the morning but I was scared that it would only be a booty call, and I want to take things slow” he started laughing, what the ? “ you really think I would do something like that to you? I have a lot of feelings for you and I don’t want to let you go, and we’ll go as fast or as slow as you want and I’m glad I was your first babe. There’s nothing to be afraid of” he whispered in my ear. He stood up and held me bridal style and into my room. He started to kiss me behind my ear, gosh that was my weak spot .Harry knew exactly how to get me in the mood and that lead to the second round we didn’t start in the morning.

For the past weeks Harry wouldn’t leave my side. He always stayed at my place it’s like it was his house. He was so comfortable he would walk around in boxers or even naked but I don’t mind at all I love the view. Apart from Harry, I when to audition for a new movie and Im pretty sure I’ll get at least a small part in it. I’ve been waiting for something like this for so long but I needed to get things off my mind for now. “ Harry can we go out?” “yeah I know just the perfect place” I wondered what he was talking about. The car drive was really long and silent but not an awkward silence it was quite nice actually. Harry snapped me out of my thoughts when he said we had arrived. I saw a little park and no one was there. “this place is adorable” It truly was with the big green trees, the swings, the slide and a pond with a little bridge over it. The first thing I did when I got out of the car was run to the swings. “ I  guess you like the little park” Harry said as he sat on the swing next to mine. “yeah, its beautiful and calm just what I needed”. He went back to the car where he had packed some food for us. He did plan all of this no wonder I fall for him even more everyday he’s just so sweet and romantic.

-next day-

I was really nervous, I woke up really early since today they would be calling me to tell me if I was going to be in the movie or not. I was alone in the flat since harry and the rest of the boys had a photo shoot today. That gave me enough time to hide all my one direction posters I had hanged all over my closet since the boys were coming after the photo shoot and knowing them they get inside everywhere. I wonder if Harry has seen them because my room has two closets and we use one each. I got a box from the kitchen and started putting everything inside of it and pushed it all the way to the end of the closet.

I was watching cartoons when I heard noises outside, yup they’re here. As I pay attention to them I see them all running towards me. “oh hell noo!” I screamed. These boys will never stop being themselves that’s what I love about them. “let’s play a game” Louis shouted. “ok just don’t scream you weirdo” I said with a mad expression on my face but laughing in the inside. “how about some truth or dare? Huh” He said… oh god no no no no.

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