I Want The Curls

Jissel is a not that famous dancer and an actress that lives in the UK. she's a big directioner and always had a huge crush on Harry Styles. She has been asked to be one of the dancers to dance in One Direction's performance at the Brits. that will be her first time meeting the boys and her long time crush,Harry. What will happen? read to find out :) xx


27. Some Things Are Not Meant To be Said Yet


noone's P.O.V

"What did you tell her?!?!?!" Harry screamed at Niall walking back and forth in the kitchen with his hands on his head. "I didn't say anything, she left by herself" Niall lied not knowing what to do. He knew that if he told Harry how he felt towards Jissel it would defenantly change everything and he honestly didn't want that. "Are you sure you didn't say anything ?" He kept on asking his mate with the most worried face ever. "No Harry, either way we should be looking for her. Do you know any place she would go?" Niall was right, they should be looking for her but they didn't know where to look. After some thinking time Harry finally spoke up " I think her friend Christi is back, maybe I should go check ?" All the boys agreed and told him that they will go look for Jissel somewhere else.  

They all went different ways looking for Jissel while Niall just went home. He knew he made the best decision and he didn't want to loose his best friend over a girl that he shouldn't have laid his eyes on in the first place. When he gets home he goes straight to his bedroom where Diana is changing. " hey how are the boys ?" She asks looking in the mirror. " they're fine" he says and goes behind her and puts his arms on her waist and looks at their reflection in the mirror. It makes him think and maybe he shouldn't be thinking if Jissel but he should be thinking of the beautiful girlfriend he has and maybe he should just stick to making their relationship the best out of it.  


Harry's P.O.V 


" hey Christi, is Jissel here" I ask outside her apartment as she stares at me up and down with a serious face. "Hold on" she says and closes the door. I wait for some time until Jissel comes out without saying anything. "What happened?" I ask as I put my hand on her chin lifting her face. " it's nothing" she says but she moves away. " what do you mean it's nothing ? We were perfectly fine and the you just suddenly go away without even saying anything ? I thought you still wanted to be with me" I say almost screaming at her. I cover my face with my hands not knowing what to do or say but she comes close to me and pulls my hands out of my face gently. " it's ok Harry , I'm really sorry. I do love you but I'm tired of acting ok ? There's many things I haven't told you that happened after I lost the baby and I don't think I'm ready to tell you now. I really need time alone to think and I know I want to be with you but now it's not the time. It's been a rollercoaster ride and I can't take it anymore, not for now and I think we should just be friends " she says in a soft voice but it makes it all worst. " what is this all about Jissel ? You were the one that came after me wanting me back and now you just tell me you want to be friends ?" " it's just that-" and she doesn't even finish her sentence. I wasn't going to fight with her so I decide it's best if I just leave.

Jissel's P.O.V

It was completely wrong what I did but it's the best for now and I wasn't lying when I told him there's things he doesn't know about me and now it's not the time to tell him about the not so good part of me. "Are you alright ?" Christi asks as she drinks her coffee. "Yeah, I just need to sleep " I say as I head towards the room. I try to fall asleep but I can't so I end up taking a long shower.


When I get out of the shower I look for something strong to drink, I look in the kitchen if Christi has got something and without even looking at the name I get the bottle and go back to the room. I end up drinking the whole thing and it made me knock out. When I wake up it's 4pm and I've got the worst headache " looks like someone slept all day and night " My best friend says with a smirk on her face. " I needed it" I say trying to sit up but I can't. " yeah yeah, did you really need that bottle too?" She asks picking it up from the floor. She shakes her head and leaves the room.

I look for my phone and check my missed calls and messages. 4 missed calls from mom, 3 from Liam, 4 from Louis, 3 from zayn and 8 from Harry. Looks like they were looking for me the whole time. I look at my missed messages but one gets my attention, it's from Niall. It says :

"I know I should have called you but I knew better and you wouldn't have answered. It would have been even better if we talked in person but I know it won't happen and I only want to say sorry for what I said and I know it probably doesn't mean anything to you anymore but I hope all of this doesn't ruin your relationship with Harry. It was stupid of me to tell you that I liked you more than a friend but I guess I had to and don't worry I won't bother you, maybe you're right about me and Diana and I should probably stick to making our relationship stronger. I'm sorry xx"

A/N: sorry i havent posted and the chapter is really shitty but yeah im almost done with this fanfic and i think i will be making a sequel to it and i hope you guys like it ! :D

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