I Want The Curls

Jissel is a not that famous dancer and an actress that lives in the UK. she's a big directioner and always had a huge crush on Harry Styles. She has been asked to be one of the dancers to dance in One Direction's performance at the Brits. that will be her first time meeting the boys and her long time crush,Harry. What will happen? read to find out :) xx


13. More Surprises On The Way


Chapter 13

Jissel’s P.O.V

Its really adorable how this past week Harry has been getting along with Marilyn; he will be such a great dad one day. I finally found out why my mom had sent my little sister with Christi; my dad came back from his vacation and now wants full custody of Marilyn and my mom doesn’t want her around while the whole court thing goes on.

“where should we go today?” Harry asked me but I knew he was waiting for someone else to answer back.  “let’s go to the park” the little girl sitting on the sofa next to Harry responded without even thinking. “the park it is” Harry said as he got up and went to get his keys.

The park we went to was far from the city and it was really beautiful; I wonder how he finds out about all of the cute places he ends up taking me to. When we got there Marilyn didn’t hesitate to get out of the car, she ran to the swings and called me over. I sat on the swing next to her ; oh how I love swings they remind me of being a little girl all over again and every time I swing it makes me forget for a minute about all my problems and im just happy, yeah that’s what it is ; pure happiness.

I love the fact that Harry treats Marilyn like its his own sister, or daughter I might say. Seeing him with little kids makes me happy and I just have urge to have one with him.

-2 weeks later-

Harry and I were laying in bed not looking at eachother but looking at the darkness since it was late at night already and the lights were off.“babe” he whispered “yeah harry?” “have you ever thought about having kids?” why is he asking me this I wonder, maybe he’s just too sleepy and is saying random things but I still answer. “ yes, when I get married.” “then we’ll have as many children as you want” he said as he kissed my cheek with his hands around my waist and we fell asleep.

-next day-

Marilyn had seen the rest of the boys only once before and they got along perfectly; isn’t it just so adorable seeing guys with little kids?

‘Missed call from: Eleanor’ my phone rang, I wonder what she wants. “hey El you called ?” “umm yeah, can we meet up? I need someone to talk to” “yeah meet me at the star bucks near my flat” whats wrong now? I wonder. I tell Harry im meeting up with Eleanor and I leave him taking care of Marilyn with the rest of the boys who were over at our flat.

I sat at the table for two next to the window where I can see the people walking in different directions, I had ordered our drinks and Eleanor was running late. After waiting for 10 minutes she walks in and sits on the seat across from mine and I had her the coffee. “so what’s up, why the meeting?” I ask, I just couldn’t wait any longer; Im the type of person who doesn’t like to wait for news it gets me so nervous and excited. “oh , I don’t know how to say this” “Eleanor don’t keep me waiting tell me already !” I can see she was really nervous but she talked. “I’ve been um, i.. well lately I haven’t been feeling normal you can say and I’ve got all the symptoms you have when you… you’re pregnant.” “what?” I can feel my eyes getting massively big, if that can happen. “have you taken the test?” I asked “yeah, well I went to the doctors and it was positive” “oh my god im so happy for you and Louis ! …… wait have you told him yet?” she didn’t look back at me; her eyes were focused on her coffee. Oh god.

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