I Want The Curls

Jissel is a not that famous dancer and an actress that lives in the UK. she's a big directioner and always had a huge crush on Harry Styles. She has been asked to be one of the dancers to dance in One Direction's performance at the Brits. that will be her first time meeting the boys and her long time crush,Harry. What will happen? read to find out :) xx


22. Making A Decision


Niall's P.O.V

I was still really hungry and couldn't wait anymore for Jissel and Harry to come back from with dessert so I decided to go see what was going on. "I'll go get the desserts, seems like they're taking way too long" I said as I stood up an walked on the direction that lead to the kitchen. I couldn't believe it the first thing I saw when I walked in was both of them kissing. She said she had moved on she even has boyfriend why would she be kissing Harry for ? "Sorry for interrupting " I said as I turned around to walk away. " no Niall I can explain, it's not what it looks like" jissel said with a worried look on her face as soon as I finished speaking. "You can explain some other time" I said as I walked out. Harry didn't say anything he just stood there he enjoyed having her in his arms but I know it's wrong, she has a boyfriend and it's even worst on her. If she moved on why would she be leading Harry on ?

No ones P.O.V

"I have to go, I'm sorry I shouldn't have kissed you" she said as she let go off his hand. "But what about last night ? Us? I still love you and I can't let you go easily" he said as he begged her to stay with him. "Harry it was all mistake we were both drunk, I have a boyfriend don't you get it !? I don't even know how I'm going to tell him. I need time to think, think about everything " she couldn't take it anymore she ran off...

She didn't let anyone in her apartment she just wanted to be alone, not even her boyfriend. She was confused, that night changed her mind; maybe she's still in love with Harry but she's scared. She doesn't know what do and doesn't have the guts to tell Marcus what happened. But she did know he had to know the truth. Weeks after being alone left to think she finally made her mind and she was ready to do what she decided on doing.

Amy's P.O.V

I've been really worried for jissel, everyone has but mostly Harry. He truly does love her sometimes I think she should go back to him but yet again they've been through so much and it has all caused her happiness but also pain.

I made my way to the kitchen to make something to eat when my phone started ringing. "Hello" I heard a similar voice on the other line. "Jissel, finally how are you ?" "That's something you shouldn't ask but I've made up my mind on what I should do" she said not too determined "yeah before you do anything you might want to check the news" I said as I turned the tv on just to see One Direction pop up. "What is it Amy ? Is it bad?" She asked, you could tell she was really worried. "Yes I sorry" I said and she hang up.

Jissel's P.O.V

I was in complete shock I just couldn't believe what they said on tv so I called Niall. "Is it true?! Oh my god say no" "it true, he's going back home tomorrow" he said almost choking on his tears.

I couldn't just sit here and let them fall apart. I wrote Marcus a letter, I know I should have told him in person but I had no time. I texted him saying that I left hi something on the counter and I packed my bags.

-next day-

Harry's P.O.V

I couldn't take it anymore, it's happened a lot before and I cried I always did and tried to stay strong. Too much hate, too much drama. That night we tried to hide but some paparazzi took shots of us going out of the club through the back. Everyone went crazy seeing all those pictures that mostly showed my face. I couldn't even go on twitter, I would read the most horrible things and I couldn't take it. I needed a break that's all I ever needed, to be back home away from the spotlight and i know i would be letting down my mates but i hope they understand.i needed my family but mostly I needed her but I couldn't have her and it broke my heart even more. The plane was almost landing and there was no way on going back anymore.

No ones P.O.V

She had taken the plane hours before him. She wanted to surprise him and let him know it was him all along, the one she had always loved but she also wanted to change his mind. He had to go back to work, he was disappointing so many people by taking a break he would loose his job but also his friends. They were a group, always together through thick and thin and she didn't want that to change for them and she knew he was the only one that could change his mind.

He walked out through the doors with his head down holding his luggage not wanting to meet eyes with anyone. He had his beanie on and his shades; he looked Horrible, so depressed it hurt her. She always seemed to go back to him no matter what an she got tired of it but maybe that's how it's meant to be. Nobody or anything is perfect and their relationship sure wasn't near from perfect but that's what she wanted. Something real not perfect, she wanted the fights to reassure her that one way or another they would get through it and she wanted him next to her very time she woke up telling her he loved her; she wanted him, no she needed him just like he needed her. She let him walk past her and not long after she walked up behind him and taped on his shoulder.

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