I Want The Curls

Jissel is a not that famous dancer and an actress that lives in the UK. she's a big directioner and always had a huge crush on Harry Styles. She has been asked to be one of the dancers to dance in One Direction's performance at the Brits. that will be her first time meeting the boys and her long time crush,Harry. What will happen? read to find out :) xx


4. Celebrating


Chapter 4

Jissel’s P.O.V

‘hey girl im waiting on ya, im waiting on ya” oh god my phone started ringing. I ran as fast as I could to the kitchen where I had left it. “yes hello, yes its her, oh my god thank you so much, yes I’ll be there” omg I couldn’t be any more happy I got a part in the movie ! “what happened beautiful?” harry shouted from the living room. I ran back to the living room and threw myself on him and he fell back since he was on the floor. “I got a part in the movie im so excited” “congrats !” all the boys sang to me. “this needs to be celebrated!” Harry said starting to get up. “ and how are we going to celebrate?” the rest of the boys and I asked. “ lets all go out for dinner, you guys should bring your girlfriends” “yeah, that will be fun and I’ll finally get to meet them all !” I said already excited about the plan.

The boys left and I went to my room to see what I should wear while Harry made reservations over the phone, we were going to an Italian restaurant. It was four in the afternoon and the reservations were for 9  o’clock so we had a lot of time to waste. I started looking through my clothes to find a dress, that was difficult since I barely ever wear dresses. Im a girly girl, I love sweats hoodies jeans and t-shirts. I just love to be comfortable and I hate wearing make up I feel like I look like a clown. Oh perfect I found a dress, thank god. It was a purple strapless dress it was a little below my knees but it was really cute. I was heading for the bathroom when Harry walked in the room. He came closer to me grabbed me from the waist and turned me around. “Harry not now im gonna go take a shower” “ please babe” “Harry” “we have a lot of time to waste”. He started to leave small kisses on my neck and up near my ear, oh no. a small moan slept out of my mouth out of satisfaction. “Harry no, im gonna go shower” “maybe I should join you it’s more fun like that”. I walked away from him taking my shirt off and got in the bathroom leaving the door unlocked knowing that he would come in any moment. I completely stripped off and got in the shower I closed my eyes letting the water hit my back. “ im back babe” I heard Harry say as he got inside the shower. “you took forever” I said getting closer to him grabbing his curls with my left hand. “oh you missed me?” “maybe a little” and we started to kiss, so passionate it felt like a dream. I moved away and I could see the lust in his eyes. He pushed me towards the wall and started kissing me again, this time even more passionate. Yeah and you know by now what happens next.

It was 6 o’clock and I was straightening my hair, I prefer my hair curly but my buns look better when my hair is straight. It took me an hour to completely straighten it since my hair was really long. When I finished I went to the kitchen to get some chips and soda so I can go watch some tv before I went to change. Harry took a nap after we finished showering and he still hadn’t woken up.

It was now 8:15 and went back to the bedroom to get ready and wake up Harry. I got near the  bed bending down, he looked so beautiful sleeping, I loved how his curls would fall to the front of his face with his eyes not being visible. “Harry wake up, we have to get ready” I whispered in his ear, I turned around and without noticing he grabbed my waist and threw me on the bed and slid on top of me. “Harry stop, didn’t you get enough already?” “I can never get enough of you babe, you’re amazing” . well that turned into a makeout. When I got the chance I got out of bed and started to strip off and put on the dress, some floral heels and I put my hair in a bun. http://www.polyvore.com/outfit_for_fanfic/set?id=59301775 (her outfit) I was completely ignoring Harry because I knew that if I didn’t he would try to do the same thing again.

The restaurant was really beautiful and big. The walls were a pale pink color. There was a big chandelier when you walked in and small ones spread apart. We got a table for 10 and we sat down and ordered. The girls and I were having a lovely conversation. They are really sweet , I obviously knew who they are since I’m a directioner but when you get to meet them they are so sweet and nice. Louis was still with Eleanor and are engaged, Liam is with Nicole(still don’t know what happened between him and Danielle) but Nicole is a lovely person as well. Theres also Zayn who has Rebbeca (don’t ask what happened between him and Perrie because I don’t know) and finnaly there’s Niall he finally got a girlfriend and seems like it’s truly his princess. You can see in their eyes how much they love eachother. Well other than that there was me and Harry, I know I told him that I wanted things to go slow but I think im ready to be officially his girlfriend. There were a lot of rumors already about us and I always thought it would be best to clear things out so that directioners could know but I never mentioned it to Harry.

Dinner was lots of fun and every now and then would slide his hand under the table and place it on my thigh which made me blush like an idiot. Someone needs to teach me how to not blush so much, and he enjoyed doing that to me I know it. When we went back to my place I changed into some shorts and a t-shirt and went to bed and fell asleep really fast.

Harry’s P.O.V

The night went by great, she looked so flawless in that dress. I just cant get my hands off her anymore; sometimes I think if its best if we become official. I really want to call her my girlfriend, I guess I should talk to her tomorrow and see what she says. even though I know she wants things to go slow I want to ask, I hope she says yes.. now I need somewhere to take her, somewhere special.


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