To Infinity and Beyond


1. To Infinity and Beyond



You have to read all of chapter one in order to get hooked.



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Characters to visualize:

Katelyn- Kristen Stewart 

Harry- Harry Styles 

Ariana- ? 

Devin- Taylor Lautner 

Liam- Liam Payne 

And characters to come

***Katelyn Diary***

     It's probably been a year now since my boyfriend Liam and I were together, after the incident happened. What happened? I asked myself. Well, Liam had found my heart and I saved his. When we first met, right away I thought of him as a suck up pop-star boy. I never knew my best-friend,, Ariana, was so right about him. I could say he definitely did steal my heart. He was everything I ever wanted and could ever dream for.


***Katelyn POV***

"Liam noo!" I screamed, "I don't want you to leave!"  

"Neither do I, I'm going to miss you so much." He said as he was walking towards his flight.  

"I will too" I said sadly.


***Katelyn diary***

RING RING RING! - My alarm had woken me up. I am heading over to the club because my best friend invited me to. It was awful because I hate going to clubs. I didn't know why though. I guess I just hated the crowds and lots of people.

*** Katelyns Pov***

"Get up!" screamed Ariana, "We're gonna be late!"

"Ugh do I really have to go?" I asked.

"Yes! You need to get a fun life!" She screamed.

"Ugh you sound like my mother." I moaned. I eventually got up. I changed into a not so fancy dress, but it still looked good(I suppose). We both headed out the door and went straight to the club. As I went inside it was so loud.We headed to the bar, Ariana asked for some drink, but I couldn't hear over the loud music.

So i just said, "Two of that please." Instead she actually didn't order a drink so I was just there looking like some stupid idiot. Some guy pulled her onto the dance floor, she grabbed my hand wanting me to come and dance. The waitor or whatever you called that guy gave me 5 shots of tequila, he said somthing like I need to have fun or something. I know have to have fun! What are these people saying. Plus, that guy barely knows me! Although, I guess a few shots wouldn't hurt. Would it? I hated the taste but I guess I drank it anyway.

uhiflasjnv;ssdkhgfrpifjwpjoikfs;posepfk...... I ran to the dance floor and started dancing like crazy. I was soon drunk, I didn't know what I was doing anymore.

I walked up to one fairly tall guy and just ended up snogging him while I was still dancing. What the hell was I thinking. He moaned, I moaned, he was such a good kisser though. I know I shouldn't be doing this. I'm sorry, Liam. His lips were so soft, his hair was soft and curly. My arm went to the back of his neck as I pushed him closer towards me. He grabbed my waist nice and smoothly. We stopped dancing for a moment and just kissed like no one was watching. The feeling was surprisingly amazing although this guy could be some drug addict or father.

I got a glance of him face, but it wasn't easy to remember, he was handsome though, his eyes were pure green. He was beautiful. I thought to myself "Oh, a pretty boy, eh." His best-friend caught it on tape and i was to tipsy to care. My best-friend Ariana dragged me out of the dance floor. "HEY! I wasn't done with him. CALL ME!" I yelled across the dance floor. We were out of the club. She was freaking out about what I did. On the way home she was yelling at me, "What were you thinking?!" 

"I told you it was a bad idea." I said with barely any strength or control.

We made it back to the apartment. I fell asleep for about 13 hours until Ariana woke me up. "You retard! you kissed a guy. Have you forgotten about Liam already!?" She was speaking to me. I couldnt understand so I just said "Yea."

She yelled even louder "Ya?! Seriously! Ahh I have to go ,but SNAP OUT OF IT! Also by the way Liam called, and said he was coming back today." The door was shut. I finally got up. Took a shower and changed. While in the shower I thought, wait Liam's coming back today! I hope no one in the club noticed it was me. I headed down to the Apple store to get to work. I put my blue shirt on and started to walk since I never learned to drive. It was good because it wasn't to far.

2 hours later....

***Katelyns POV***

Woo my shift was over. I had a short shift on Sundays. I was walking around and headed to the movies where I met with Liam..... We both ran to each others arms. He was always handsome as usual, but he was smiling like crazy. "I missed you." he said smiling. "I did too." I said. Right when I said that I remembered the night at the club. I'm an idiot I told myself. "I have someone I want you to meet." Liam said, "He's in the bathroom." 

"Oh okay." I said cluelessly. I could actually care less about who it was, but we went to buy popcorn while we waited for his "surprise guest."

***Liam POV***

"Hey man! " I said.

"What movie are we going to watch?" Harry asked.

"Iron Man 3, oh by the way, meet my girlfriend Katelyn." I said.

***Katelyn's POV***

"Hi, nice to meet you." I said to Harry. OMG THAT'S THE GUY I KISSED AT THE BAR! I remember! The same eyes and the same curls! I can't believe my boyfriend's best friend was the one I kissed! How ironic. WHY!? Well if you think about it, I've never met any of the boys before though. Haha, Ariana thinks its ridiculous. Well I can't get their names straight, but Liam talks bout them allot.

"Well, it seems as though we've met before." He smirked when he said that.

"Really? I don't recall meeting you before." I lied trying not to get caught.

"Oh, maybe its just a look alike." He lied.

"Oh no! I forgot my phone in the car." Liam said, "I'm going to fetch it real quick."

"Okay." Harry and I said.

I watched Liam go out the movie theatre door. "Well, if it isn't Ms. Drunk, sexy, dancing, kissing, Katelyn." Harry said trying not to laugh. "Omg, I'm so sorry. Please don't tell Liam. Its gonna break his heart." I pleaded. "I won't Babe, it will break his heart - I know, but you owe me a favor, okay?" 

"Okay!" I said, "What favor is that?"  

"I'll tell you later." He said smiling.

We walked into the theatre and sat in the back so they wont be seen by fans. "Give me your number." Harry said. "Why?" I replied. "Because I'm going to call you and tell you the favor." He said. "Okay?" I said suspiciously. Hmmm i wondered what his favor was. Harry placed his hand on my thigh. "Get your hand off of me you jerk." I said. "Why, you want a kiss." Harry said. "Shut up, I was drunk okay?!" I told him. "Sure." Harry said sarcastically.

"You doing alright love? " Liam said as he walked to his seat next to me."I'm doing fine." I said as I leaned over to give Liam a short kiss. Harry acted as though he didn't care. Ha! Ya that's right I'm a taken lady.

The movie was good, but i ended up kissing Liam alot. smirk smirk. When we finished Harry went home and Liam walked me to my apartment. "Did you really miss me?" Liam asked. "I did more than missed you. I died without you." I said smiling. I really loved Liam. I loved everything about him, his smile, his laugh, his deep eyes, and everything. He's my prince. Liam smiled as he held my hand. We reached the apartment. I opened the door and we went in. Before I turned on the lights, he pulled me closer to him. I placed my arms around his neck and kissed him. He pulled away a little and whispered "I love you." I kissed his soft lips and pulled back, "I-" I was interrupted by Ariana who turned off the lights. She was in her PJ's going to get a drink of water. "Oh pardon to interrupt." She said as she quickly grabbed a bottle of water.

"I should get going now." Liam said, "See you later my love."

"Goodnight Liam." I said smiling. I shut the door after he went out.

"Oh, well pretty boy over there doesn't know about the kiss ey" She said as she ate yogurt.

"No, the bad part is, the guy I kissed is his bestfriend; and I met him today!"

"Calm yourself girl." She said to me. I told her the complete detailed story as we went to sleep.

"Did your french kiss Harry!?!" She yelled at me.

"No, just a regular kiss." I said, "I was drunk okay!"

"Okay....Ms. Kissy." Ariana said, "Goodnight."  

"Goodnight!" I replied.

"RING RING RING" screamed my phone. "Ugh" I moaned. "Hello? Who's this! Its the middle of the night!" I yelled at my phone.

"Hello babe, remember me?" Ugh I recognized the voice. "What do you want jerk face?" I yelled. "Remember that favor you said you'd do for me?" Harry asked. "Yea why?" I replied. "Well, since Liam is going to the U.S for a year, I need you to be my fake girlfriend." Harry said. "WHAT?? WHAT WILL THE PAPARAZZI THINK?" I replied. "Don't worry, Its all private I'll make sure no pictures involved and since your relationship with Liam is private, no one will know who you are." Harry said. "How come you couldn't choose some other girl?!" I said angerlied. "Because, your hot and hard to get, plus you owe me." He said. I heard him laughing a little when he said that. "Ugh Ill talk to you tomorrow." I said. I hanged up and went back to sleep.


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