Another world

Leah wins a contest to go on tour with one direction. They treat her very good but soon Leah and Harry fall deeply in love when she was on tour with them.. Her and Harry go through a lot together those months but when she gets home what will her parents think of her relationship with Harry will they accept it or shut her out.?


8. Uh-oh

When Harry and I got back to the tour bus the rest of the boys stood there staring at us. Liam looked at us and said," so where were you guys?" Harry replied " time square, why?" Niall looked upset " dude you let a ton of fans down tonight! It didn't feel right because louis had to sing your parts and you let us down, we thought it would cool to have a girl with us this year but we can see your distracted and i think its time for her to go now!" I looked each of the boys, " you want me leave!?" I could feel the tears building up and then one rolled down my face, I ran to the little room I was in and locked the door behind me. I plopped on my bed and put my face into the pillow, I cryed even harder. A couple minutes later I heard a nocking at my door. " Leah please let me in, it's Louis." I got up and opened the door and sat back on my bed. Louis came in and shut the door behind him and sat next to me. He seemed kind of nervous but then he spoke up " I know you're having a hard time with this." he stopped and spoke again. " It's not that we want you to go but you have to, it's for the best of all of us. You see Harry is not paying attention to his job and if he doesn't do that then we lose fans." I looked at him and started crying again. Then out of no where he grabbed my face, looked me in the eyes and smiled sweetly wiping my tears off my face and he leaned in and kissed me. I was shocked " what that for?" i said softly. He smiled and said," to make you feel better, well at least I think. We all love you and dont want you to go but it has to happen." i looked at him and hugged him. I looked at him and said i should tell the boys how i feel and say my goodbyes.
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