Another world

Leah wins a contest to go on tour with one direction. They treat her very good but soon Leah and Harry fall deeply in love when she was on tour with them.. Her and Harry go through a lot together those months but when she gets home what will her parents think of her relationship with Harry will they accept it or shut her out.?


7. Time square!

when we finally got there he took the blind fold off of me and we were in time square. I thought it was so pretty down there. I hugged him and said " this is amazing, but wait I thought you have a concert tonight though?" "ya but I took off tonight for you.!" I smiled and hugged him. We looked at stuff most of the time, then it started to rain, the rain got harder by the minute and that when it started to pour. Harry looked at me and smiled, of course i smiled back then he leaned in to kiss me. When our lips met it was so romantic it was like in the movies when they are kissing in the rain but even better because it was happening to me.
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