Another world

Leah wins a contest to go on tour with one direction. They treat her very good but soon Leah and Harry fall deeply in love when she was on tour with them.. Her and Harry go through a lot together those months but when she gets home what will her parents think of her relationship with Harry will they accept it or shut her out.?


4. The beach

We were in the tour bus getting ready for the beach i put on the new bikini my mom got me from gilly hicks it was so cute it was all white and had pink poka dots on it, but i put a tee and shorts over it until we got out there. As i was walking out of the small room zayn came over and hugged me " what was that for?" " im just so happy to have you here on tour with us." " oh i know im excited to be here too. you don't even know how happy i am to be here!." he smiled big, and walked in to the small bathroom to change in to his swim wear. I walked in to the living room area on the bus and sat next to niall on the couch.. He looked at me and then he said," can you go make me something to eat please." " umm.. Ya sure.what do you want.?" " it doesn't really matter." " okay." i got up to go to the kitchen area and made niall a ham and cheese sandwich. Harry walked in and made a sandwich too. Instantly our eyes met and that when i realize i was falling for harry. All the boys were done getting ready by that time and we ran to the beach. I took off my tee and shorts and all the boys stared and me. I teased and said " take a picture it will last longer." harry picked me up and ran in to the water he held me and i was for sure now that i was falling hard for the brown curly hair, green eye beautiful creature. We play beach volleyball and football(soccer). We all had so much fun that day but as it got darker outside everyone grew tired by the minute liam was the first to fall asleep then niall then zayn then harry and last but not least louis. I was the only one up.. I turned on the tv and watched it for awhile then got up to go to bed also.
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