Another world

Leah wins a contest to go on tour with one direction. They treat her very good but soon Leah and Harry fall deeply in love when she was on tour with them.. Her and Harry go through a lot together those months but when she gets home what will her parents think of her relationship with Harry will they accept it or shut her out.?


6. Serious

After the scary movie night with the boys, me and Harry have gotten serious. We do alot things together. Me and the guys went to the mall today to go shopping by this time we were in New York City. Harry picked me up and gave me piggy back rides all around the mall. Harry leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, then he looked and me and said," why are you so damn beautiful.!?" I looked at him and I couldn't stop smiling. All I could think was he is so great, I think I love him, he is such a sweetheart. Louis then caught my attention by screaming in the mall," look at these love bugs!!" Harry and I laughed. When we got back from the mall Harry picked me up over his shoulders and put me on the couch, he sat down right next to me and smashed his lips against mine. Everything at that point felt perfect. Liam and Niall teased," go get a room!.!" thats when we stopped.. Harry spoke up and said," ya so i have concert tonight." " ya i know." " are you sure you don't want me to stay here with you and keep you company?." " no I think I will be alright for the night." he winked at me and and kissed me on the forehead and walked back into his room. Liam looked at me funny, "what?" " oh nothing." " okay then??." " you love him dont you?" " ummm what?" " you're in love with Harry!." I looked back at Liam again and told him " I think I might be." he smiled. I got up to go look in the mirrior in the bathroom, when did I wonder what did he see in me? Im a 18 year old girl with light brown hair and green eye, why does he like so much. Harry walked out of his room, he came into the bathroom and told me to come with him. " where are we going?" " it's surprise!." " please tell me, i cant wait.!" " i can't tell, just come on and come with me." i felt scaried, nervous, but also loved and excited. He put a blind fold over my eyes as we walked to where ever he was taking me.
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