Another world

Leah wins a contest to go on tour with one direction. They treat her very good but soon Leah and Harry fall deeply in love when she was on tour with them.. Her and Harry go through a lot together those months but when she gets home what will her parents think of her relationship with Harry will they accept it or shut her out.?


3. Plane to florida

we all waited for the plane to take off. Harry said," will you sit next to me?" i said," yes." as i sat down i was getting scaried and nervous because i had never been on a plane before and i was leaving home. Harry looked at me with his beautiful eyes and said," if you ever get nervous you can hold my hand to know that someone is here for you." I smiled big, and felt good inside. The plane started to take off, thats when i started to breathe heavly i was scaried and thats when i grabbed harry's hand. Harry looked at me and smirked, then he said," i knew you grab my hand at some time on the plane, i didnt know you grab it right away were not even in the air yet." i smiled stupidly and said " i haven't been on a plane ever so im really nervous right now." as we got higher into the air i started to feel better so i let go of his hand but he didn't let go right away. Liam was coming down by us and he said, " hey you little love birds you guy want to go to the beach when we land in Miami, Florida?" Harry smirked and laughed but then we answered his question and we both said," ya that sounds like fun.!" after liam left me and harry talked about alot of this like where we grew up and freinds and what we all planned to do on tour. I started to get tired after awhile, then i fell a sleep on harry's shoulder. When i woke up we landed and harry was staring at me," what?" " nothing your just so beautiful when your sleeping." i started to blush. " thanks?" " come lets get off this plane aready so we can go to the beach.
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