The secret lovers.

When Alex goes to one of the biggest masquerade parties in London with her two best friends in her band neon lights. Alex bumps in to a handsome blonde male who ends up being someone important to her what she doesn't know is that he is someone she thought he wasnt she now must make a decision! How will these two lovers do it?


5. Well.... We can try...

I turn and begin running to my car when I get there I turn around to see if he is there nope... I turn and start to open my car door as soon as I unlock it I feel Niall hugging me from behind."please...don't leave me...please Al.." he says I felt something wet on my shoulder " Nia-" before i could finish he spun me around and kissed me softly but meaningful,I felt IT and I know he did too when we slowly parted and rested our heads together and he said " I know to felt that too... Al... I really do lo- uhh like you" he says biting his lower lip causing me to do the same " I- I do too but... What can we do?" I asked " We date in secret , give me your number!" I was standing with his hands on my waist against the car so I reached into my Purse and take out my I phone 5 and look up at his flushed red face. I peck him on the lips and hand him the phone while he tinkers with my phone I slip my hand into his pocket and grab his phone " sneaky little girl." he winks at me I go into his contacts and press 'add contact' then I type in my number and put myself in as 'cute sneaky Brit<3' and click save. "here ya go babes" I say and kiss his cheek " thanks and here's yers" I take it and ask "so what now?" "now we date text I guess... Secretly go out normal secrecy type things ya know shit like dat" he winks at me and leans closer I giggle and push him away " stop it haha!" I kiss his cheek and turn around to face my car " I really should be going my friends think I was here to just say bye so yea hehe" I open the car door and step in I close the door and roll down the window, Niall sticks his head in and kisses me I separate and kiss his forehead " bye you irish girl" I say " bye you manly Brit" he goes to his car and I drive away.


I arrive home and walk into my house pretending to be sad. "Hi guys...." I say walking past the couch where the lads were sitting I walk up the stairs into my room and I close the door. I change into my green tank top and white shorts then I go into my bed. *RING RINGADING DING A TEXT!" my phone rings signalling a text I pick it up and press open I look at the name and it's from 'Smexii Irish boi' I giggle at the name and open the text "cute sneaky Brit ? Really babes? Anyway you!" I smile to myself and text back " smexii Irish boi? Reaaaaly?? Anyway night love you <3" and with that I slowly fell into a wonderful sleep.

Ps: sorry if I don't uplode for a while bad connections ;( LOVE YOU GUYS<3
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