The secret lovers.

When Alex goes to one of the biggest masquerade parties in London with her two best friends in her band neon lights. Alex bumps in to a handsome blonde male who ends up being someone important to her what she doesn't know is that he is someone she thought he wasnt she now must make a decision! How will these two lovers do it?


1. The Party

I banged on the bathroom door,"MAAAX!!!hurry up theres other people i  this ba-" the door opens and max playfully smacks me "soo im going to forget what you just said and do i look??"                                                                                                                 --well this is my life...hi im Alex im in a band with my two best friends called neon lights our boss or the person who we work for is madison kenx.. she is in a 'little'rivalry with simon cowell...well i dont really know why! Anyway ill tell you more about me later byeee!!--                                                                                                                                     Max was wearing a blue strapless dress that faded into a light blue and went down a few inches below her knee and a mask with feathers coming out of the sides "wow you look... really good!Now let me go!!" i ran past her and into the bathroom closing the door behind me i sigh picking up a dress that was picked out for me by Taylor who is the bands third member she is like our"mommy" if you know what i mean. The dress was nice though,it was a green dress that went up to my mid thighs and had a blue ribbon then at the bottem it has green sparkels  around my stoumach you probably will call me skinny i guess i am i weigh 132 and im 17 the thing that confuses everyone is how i eat so much!i had only about an hour to get ready so i quickly stripped down and entered the shower. All i could think about was the party 'hows it going to be like?' 'whos going to be ther?' was all i could think about worst thing is  Tay and Max have boyfriends that are going.                      Taylor is going out with David henre he had got to be my bgf(best guy friend) Max is going out with Atticus Mittchel  he is my other bgf i love em' both...then theres me... i washed my hair as the thoughts about my bizzare love life flushed through "wanted by many taken by none silly little girl who's waiting for one...,"i say to myself i finish showering  and stepped out in to the large bathroom and put my hair into a towel i dry the rest of my body off and put on my undergarmets. i  pick up the green dress and slipped it on, i began to curl my hair i finished about 10 minutes later with a bit of green eye shadow and clear lipgloss i slipped on my green flats and walked out of the bathroom. i walked down the stairs to find Taylor and Max waiting at the door with mygreen clutch and my beloved  i phone five" heeey baby!!" i say grabbing my phone "yeahh you need a boyfriend" Taylor say handing me my clutch "naahh i don-" i start as Max yells "THEYRE HEEEERE!!!" We walked out side and into the limo waiting when we went in MAx sat next to Atticus and Taylor sat next to David as i sat alone considering they're were three seating places. "Hey guys you look great!" David says "thanks" we replied "i was going to say that....." Atticus says "of course you were sweetie.." Max says pecking Attie on the cheek i put on my sparkly green mask hiding my eyes which change from green/blue to a green/hazel color. We continued with normal small talk until a few minutes later as we got interrupted by the driver. "we are here." he gets out of the car and opens the door, as we exited there were a bunch of flashes and well... all i remember is flash! RUN!! BOOM! next thing i know is I bumped into a tallish guy he looked pretty cute too!!"oww.." i say he reaches his hand out for me "sorry i- sorry...." he says as i grab his hand and he pulls me up when we were face to face i say " its okay i wasnt looking where i was going if anything its both of our faults" reassuring him that i was ok.

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