The secret lovers.

When Alex goes to one of the biggest masquerade parties in London with her two best friends in her band neon lights. Alex bumps in to a handsome blonde male who ends up being someone important to her what she doesn't know is that he is someone she thought he wasnt she now must make a decision! How will these two lovers do it?


7. The outfit the encounter and the preparations

so we walked inside and walked into a store called simple pleasures which changes for each holiday so now its halloween!  we all split up i start walking while examining the costumes i cant find anything :(.

●five minutes laters

hmmmmm..... i say still looking  while walking backwards bumping into someone "ohh im sorreh love!!!!" the boy  says startled i quickly spin around "ohh no its my- wait brown curls, acent.... HARREH!!!!!!" OHH SHHHNAPS DIS IS BAD!!!!WHYD I SAY THAT!!!!" uhh sorry do i kno- you!!! Nialler!!  GIRL!!your that-" harry starts blabbering  on "ohh uhh umm... BYEEE!!!!!"  I say spinting to the other end of the store  " Hey al i found a costume you might like!!" she said hold up a puppy costume (it had black ears on a headband, a black and white stoumached  furry dress thigh lenth wit black boots furry as well)"aww too cute are you girls done though???" i asked the gals "yeah we were  waiting on you  we wanna go to the indoor nand-" i grab the out fit for mee and rush to check out "next"the lady says "i walk to her and pay for the outfit rushin out with the girls.. "soo lets go to nandos and ill exlain "i say answering their unasked question.... 


we walk into nandos "guys niall and louis are here... i ran into harreh earlier though,!!" i say pointing at niall and louis sitting in the back "its okay just ignore it !"then max drags me to two tables to the left of nialls table "stay here we'll go get da foods!" max commands me "woof" i say to relpy to the way shes treating me . she pats my head and they walk away.. i whip out my phone and start to text niall "babe look to your LEFT." and i send.... he takes out his phome reads and casually looks RIGHT.... my boyfriend's literally stupid... da fuck!!! "LEFT NIALL LEFT!!!!"

I type and send as I giggle... Few seconds later he looks left and sees me.. Five... Four... Three... Two,... And I point to Niall as he looks back at his phone " well shit! Now what??" I read " sorry bud your on your own my friends already know your here and they dont know we're dating soo.... They don't care!" I send back and quickly put my phone away when my firends arrived with my peri peri chips ect . Too much to say it all.. I begin eating and I see niall looking at me so I I so I smile back just to see him turn to his friends and began pointing... Liam parts him on the bAck and tells him to shhhh .. After we finish at my table we get up and walk past his table since he was sitting with his back towards me so I glide my hand across his shoulder and leave. AT HOME It was 5:00 and the party starts at 7 but they want us to get there early so 6:30 so I have an hour and a half I go to the bathroom and change for boots I put on my black uggs to match the black furry leg warmer type thing.. Then I took eye liner and made a black circle around one of my eye to represent a spot then I put blush on my cheeks, lipstick then lipgloss for shine, and a gray/black eyeshadow for my other eye then I made a triangle on my nose to indiacate a doggie nose <3. When I finished curling my hair and inserting the headband it was 6:15 I ran outside Into my room and grabbed a black purse and put all my essentials in there then I heard Tay yell "TIME TO GOOOOOO!!"
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