The secret lovers.

When Alex goes to one of the biggest masquerade parties in London with her two best friends in her band neon lights. Alex bumps in to a handsome blonde male who ends up being someone important to her what she doesn't know is that he is someone she thought he wasnt she now must make a decision! How will these two lovers do it?


2. The Mystery Boy

Max needed me soo bad that she had to ruin my moment with this guy by dragging me to the party room which was.... huge! We walked around for a while and then a slow song came on Max left running frantically to find Atticus.

I was looking at the ceiling decorations as i ran into the same boy from earlier and just like our first encounter i ended up getting knocked to the ground " ohh hey blondie!" i say as he helps me up again once again. "uhh h-hi umm will- can i have this dance?" he says staring at the ground, i lift his chin up with my index finger. "of course :)" i say smiling he smiles and puts his hands on my waist as i put my hands on his neck/shoulders.We swayed back and forth as he asks for my identity "so what is your name?" heh like i was telling that so willingly while he treats me as a normal person, hell naw! I wanna be treated normally, "well i'm not giving it away that easily blondie..... who are you?" i ask him " if you dont tell me i wont tell you!" he say proudly thinking he won.. haha nope... " fine we have to guess or go until we want to reveal our identities deal?"  "deal" he agrees willingly as the song comes to an end i grab the mystery boy's hand.

I lead him down countless amounts of hallways ill be honest i got lost a few times but finally i made it outside to the backyard where there a large garden and a white giant place where there was availibility to look out to the outside and no doors  with a bench in the middle of it i sat down on the bench with him sitting next to me " so.... whats your favorite color mines green!" i say enthusiastically " thats mine too! whats your favorite.... song? mines breakeven by the script." " the same heart by Bella Thorne and Zendaya or ours by Taylor Swift." i say as I rub my hands up and down against my arms for warmth. " Hey.. here take my jacket its more comfortable and my favorite" it was a nice black blazer with a a irish flag  on the pocket " well now im deffinatly sure youre irish, whats a irish boy doing all the way here in london?'" i ask him" wow you are good! and im so not telling you"  i put my phone into the pocket of his blazer. " i rekon your a british lad?" he asks me "well yeah i was born here this is my town haha. But i ve been traveling for a while with  my friends you know and i bought this charm braclet and put a different charm everytime i found one in a new place" i say taking off my charm braclet and handing it to him he examined it and placed it on the bench and looked up at me."so..'' he started we were only inches apart and i started leaning in he began smiling and leaned in too i gently kissed him which lasted about a minute until my phone rudly interrupts us. we pull apart i reach into my pocket as he smiles to himself i unlock my phone and see a text from Max pop up "where are you the limos here and were about to leave hurry up girl!!! :O!!!"  " ohh its already midnight! im sorry but i have to go" i get up and  he stands too " how will i find you again?" he asks  " youre famous im famous find a way! im really sorry but i gotta go bye" I kiss his cheek and dash off i end up in the limo minutes after.  "where have you been? And whos jacket is that?" Atticus asks me " ohh this is..... ohh shoot i never got his name... i hope ill find out soon... h- he's really sweet.."i say  " anything interesting happen?" David says I blush rembering the kiss with my mystery man. "umm.. we k-kinda uhh k-kis-" i began stuttering and Max and Taylor gasp " my baby kissed a boy!!" they say together " and she doesnt even know his name..." david and atticus mutter at the same time" you guys are good at timing! there was only one question running on in my head " Who is my mystery boy..?"

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