The secret lovers.

When Alex goes to one of the biggest masquerade parties in London with her two best friends in her band neon lights. Alex bumps in to a handsome blonde male who ends up being someone important to her what she doesn't know is that he is someone she thought he wasnt she now must make a decision! How will these two lovers do it?


6. Just a bit of a backstorying :)

I wake up to another text from my wonderful smexii irish boi haha yep me and mall are still going on :) 'hey babes mornin happy Halloween!! So your band going to Selena and Justin's Halloween party?' I read 'Happy Halloween nialler, and of corse Selena's my best friend other than my band mates duuhh so are you boys preforming too??' I sent as I slowly get up stretching dinggg! My phone buzzes and rings ' yes we are going to rock it!! Can't believe our new album is coming out I only like two weeks! Hope you hear it, really sure you'll like it ;)!!' I read while smirking what is he planning? 'ummm... Ok..... Can't wait haha! Well talk to ya later!gtg babes love you ;)' I go to my closet and grab a long sleeved t-shirt that said 'KEEP CALM AND LOVE ME' (the keep calm shirts) and my dark blue ripped jeans. I grab my brown combat boots and I head into the shower. I can't believe how lucky we are to not have got caught yet. Do I love him?? Or is it just me?? I wish this wasn't my first boyfriend... Ohh yeah I didn't tell you did I? Well yeah it's true I guess it's just cause I've never been that trusting with anyone... It's not my fault, well my dad cheated on my mom and then he left us soon after that *sniff sniff* i was four then.....sorry it's just.. I... Uhh well yeah my mom ended up uhh.... Di- dieing when I was fourteen..... That's when I auditioned for x-factor it was funny because Simon and maddison both worked there at the time they actually got along three years ago heh... Well when I told my story to them maddison and Cheryl were crying heh.. Well anyways I got to boot camp and that's when we got put together :) kind of like one directions story I guess.... After that me Taylor and max were best friends well anyway- I step out of the shower and quickly covered my self with the towel and shivered " eeeeeeeii!!!!coooowwwlddd!!!!" I dry my self and get into the clothes I picked out. I get out of the bathroom with just the basic make up on ( foundation,concealer and eyeliner) I grab my phone and purse and walk out of my room and down the see the girls all up Nd ready to go! We link Arms and skip outside and into the limo " hey nick the mall please" max says to our driver " yes ma'am" Taylor turns on the radio and relaxes "106.1 BLI. Hello guys hope your having a good time I know Carly rae jepsen and owl city are.. Here we are with 'good time'!!!!! "yaaaaay!!! Woke up on the right side of the bed...."me and the girls sang the next song came on 'dun..dun dun.... ( bunc of strumming) then you hear a boy start to sing " you're insecure dunno what fo, your turning heads when you walk throught the do-o-or" I thought It was a normal song until I heard niall in the chorus I played it cool until we got to the mall though when we got out I burst out laughin......

Hey guys sorry about the shortnesssssss :( I'm trying to upload but ya know.... Problems occur as in my I pod dieing and me loosing all my writing >:( well any ways i'll always try my he's to upload as much as possible for you guys it really help if you leave a favorite,like or comment just to show you like it. I do have a fanfic that I'm writing on paper that I'll probably type up onto here sooo yeah you have that to look forward to as well :) love you guys until next time immortality flames out xx.
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