The secret lovers.

When Alex goes to one of the biggest masquerade parties in London with her two best friends in her band neon lights. Alex bumps in to a handsome blonde male who ends up being someone important to her what she doesn't know is that he is someone she thought he wasnt she now must make a decision! How will these two lovers do it?


4. Im sorry,Niall Horan...

"you cant let him.... you cant be with him you obviously know that right al.." Max says "....why....not..." i ask tearing up trying to keep it back "Al... didnt you hear Harry  they work for SIMON. you know we cant do that.." she says quite upset herself.... why did he out of all people have to work for Simon "b-but... i-i.... fine" i say as a tear goes gliding down my cheek glistening  from the light the shine in my eye leaving as it quickly comes back due to me thinking of a somthing to kind of help this a bit.... " Can i at least tell him tonight... can i go to tell him....just a.... g-goodbye t-talk...? i still want my braclet back.." i ask stuttering at the thought of a last moment with my.. l-love? can i really love him this quick? Is this how it feels to love? i hope not... i dont want to leave my love like this ya know? "sure but just tonight... remember there are other guys in the world...and besides you have us.." she says i wiped my cheeks sweeping the little droplets that had once exited my eyes. 

ten hours later

I finish my coffee that was keeping me awake 11:45 i guess i should be heading out. i was wearing  exactly what i was wearing two days ago i grabb my mask and Nialls blazer... it smells like him ya know... he smells like a valley full of flowers scented beutifully... this is going to be really hard isnt it..? i exit running to my car i hop into it and drive to the garden. i grab the blazer and put on my mask. 11:59 wow almost right on time heh... i walk into the garden to see Niall looking at the plants and flowers like he was examining them "c'mon mystery girl wher are you..." he says squatting down to look at more flowers i walk up right behind him " maybe shes right behind you" i whisper startling him to jump up and spin around to face me  " Hey!! you came!!" he says " yeah... umm so your Niall Horan...." i say slowly facing the ground. "well yeah... i've been waiting sooo long to see who you were though!!" he says stepping towards me i step back quickly and say "before you see who i am.... you might not know who i am though but im not taking any chances..." "what are you even talking about?" he says giving me a adorable confuzed face i quickly stepped up to  him and kissed him as best as i could for a first kiss it was... wow... i suddenly got butterflies in my stomach holding i slowly loosen the interlocked fingers i had behind his neck and pulled away he kept his hands on my waist so i put my hands  on his arms and stepped back. i slipped my arms out of the blazer and off of my sholders then handed it to him. He takes my charm braclet out of his jeans pocket and handed that to me. "now.. who are you?" he takes a hold of my mask and slides it off my head. " names-" i began saying trying to be as calm as possible " Alex... from that band.... rival....lov-.... nevermind but..." he says confused and sad " i didnt think youd know who i was...heh... im guessing this.. is g-goodbye" my eyes tear up "y-yea- no!this cant happen! no i finally met someone i actually felt like-" he starts as i put my finger on his lips "like we couldve been something... like everything would be perfect and blah blah..... i know that how i feel" i say taking my finger off of his lips "isnt there somthing we can do?" he says " im sorry niall horan."

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