The secret lovers.

When Alex goes to one of the biggest masquerade parties in London with her two best friends in her band neon lights. Alex bumps in to a handsome blonde male who ends up being someone important to her what she doesn't know is that he is someone she thought he wasnt she now must make a decision! How will these two lovers do it?


8. Harry.....

We arrive at Justin's flat after a five minute drive ( by the way we traveled to NYC cause of this party) I run to the door and ring the bell jumping up and down "c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon!!!!" Justin opens the door and I zip inside running to the bathroom. After I was done I ran back out.. "k, I'm good" I sighed as I walked to justin, Selena and the girls.. " you shouldve used the bathroom BEFORE we left" Max sighs fixing one of my curls I blush and give selena a big hug " look at my little kitty" I giggle " look at my little puppy!" we giggle " look at my girls" Justin who was a vampire ( reeeal original) says while joining our hug. DING DOONGGG the door bell rang Justin goes to the door as Selena leads us to the living room as he answers the door. Selena shows us the stage and a list of songs to choose from... Hmmm " how about this one.... This one and.... This one...." I said pointing to cant stay away by Bella Thorne and 1M5 ours and mean by taylor aswift and skyscraper by demi lavato we see six boys walk in as I sit o the stage " aww I love your costumes hehe!" I giggle as I see Harry as a cat Niall as a pokemo trainer, Zayn as a football player liam as woody from toy story and Louis as a sailor " wait what're they doing here?" Liam asks " your both preforming tonight!" justin says " they can sing!" Harry asks rudly which really hurt cause without singing all I got was pity cause of my parents so singing got my a lot, fans, friends everything with out music.. I'm nothin" ya know I take it back curly your just a stubborn brat who doesn't know what he has and has a stupid low voice" I snap as tears fill me eyes " well you sound like a dying cat " that's when I snapped I ran up to Harry smacked himm and ran up the stairs to the balcony I heard max screaming at Harry I'm so happy I used waterproof makeup I started singing skyscraper why not right? " I'll be rising from the ground like a skyscraperrr..." I ended " hey..." I hear Harry say " what do .. You want.." I ask him. He comes and sits next to me " I'm so sorry... Simon told me to not be nice if I met you guys cause off he whole fight thing" He turns my head to face him my cheeks heated up staring into his green eyes he wipes my tears and gets closer " but I realized how nice.. And cute you are" he wispers and kisses me I went along with it for like five seconds then remembered Niall and pulled away.. Shit... He blushes " let's go downstairs he gets up and grabes my hand leading me downstairs... We get back to the group and I see nialls and everybodys eyes on me and Harry I. Let go of his hand and go back to my friends " Ello..." I say and take out my phone and text Niall " he kissed me... But it's okay he doesnt know we're together so dont get angry k remember I only like u <3" and send it " so guys wanna rehearse for a while?" it's fifteens to seven " ok you guys rehearse on the stage and we'll reverse down here " I say they went on the stage and we all started rehearsing we actually worked well and stopped when the door bell rang..

Hey my flamers how are you guys? Good hah hope you liked this chapter and thanks to everyone who's read this so far love you all. So pease if you liked it or wanna show yu care please leave a like, comment or favorite thanks babes. ~immortalityFlames xox
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