Love hurts

This is a story about Shae and she is stuck between work at school and a VERY abusive mother who seems to not give care about her since her father's death. When the opportunity comes up to move to another state and start a brand new life will she be able to have the life she had before her father's death or will she be in the same situation she was in before she moved..


4. Meeting the boys

We finally get to niall's house and before he could get out the car the boys run up to him hugging him like crazy. "Niall James Horan Where have you been young man we have been waiting for a long time do you know what time it is." Harry said putting his hand on his hip. "I have been out with my girlfriend Shae" Niall said smiling grabbing your hand. Girl friend why wasn't I aware of this... He didn't even ask me out or anything.. I don't mind though he is sooo sexii but i don't know bout this though... I don't know my feelings for him yet.. "Awe how sweet what's your name love." Harry said kissing your hand "It's Shae" you said blushing a bit. "What a beautiful name." Harry said flirting abit. That's when Niall hit his arm playfully and got out the car helping you out like a gentleman. "Nice to meet you Shae:)" Liam, Zayn, and Louis said at the sametime smiling. "Nice to meet you guys to" I said not liking all the attention I am getting. That's when the boys gasped. "What" I said confused. "You didn't freak out like the other girls you are so chilled and layed back..." Liam Louis Harry and Zayn said surprised. "We'll I am not like them other girls." I said in a England accent Everyone went silent for 5 minutes.. I couldn't take it. "Potato." I said trying to sound like Niall. "Awe babe you are trying to sound like me how tweet:)." Niall said smiling. "I am getting tired its almost 11 @ night." I said yawning. "You can sleep in the room with me." Niall said slinging you over his shoulder You start kicking and screaming while he takes you in the house. "I don't wanna hear too much noise tonite kids." Louis said. You laugh to yourself they are so perverted. You yell back "Don't worry he won't get all of this." You said smiling.:) "Awe man." You hear Niall said pouting abit. Well y'all finally got to his room and he gently placed you on the bed. He tried to lean into kiss you but you put your finger in the way. "Niall James Horan since when do we go out." You say "I don't know I just like you so much that I thought it would be the right thing to say." Niall said pouting "We'll at least ask me before you do that love." You say kissing his cheek. "Will you go out with me Shae." Niall said "Yes" you say smiling Niall leans in to kiss you. You lean to. Your lips touch and its like fireworks in the 4th of July. It gets heated and you climb on top of Niall while Niall has his hands all over you. Just as he was fixing pull off your shirt you break the kiss. "Nuh you can't get none of this tonite." You say rolling off him and fixing to go to sleep. "You are such a tease Shae." Niall says smiling. That's when you rub the bulge in his jeans and turn around and bite his bottom lip. "Night Niall." You say seductivly while going to sleep.

Niall's pov

I want her so bad she is such a damn tease.. Every single day I want her more and more... I don't know how long I can go before I just have sex with her... But I will wait cause I kno it will be worth it when we finally do I think to myself while kissing my beautiful Shae on her forehead while falling asleep.

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