Love hurts

This is a story about Shae and she is stuck between work at school and a VERY abusive mother who seems to not give care about her since her father's death. When the opportunity comes up to move to another state and start a brand new life will she be able to have the life she had before her father's death or will she be in the same situation she was in before she moved..


3. i know you:)

The text was from this strange number i didn't recognize the number but the text said "I love you and i need you in my life. Since the first time i met you it was like time has frozen. You are my princess and i am your prince.. Your mister right:)" I stared at the text completely oblivious to who said this sweet poem like text to me. It made me smile a little but i am a little creeped out. Names started flying through my head... but one stood out from the rest. Niall i said if that was the mystery guy that i thought i knew from the airport. But how would he have gotten my number if i didn't give it to him. Either he is some type of stalker person or this isn't him. I honestly don't know. i texted this mystery person and asked "WHO THE HE DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS IS THIS." I waited for this person to text back which only took a matter of seconds. The text said and i quote "i am your true love your only one you will ever be with i will do anything to see your pretty face to feel your lips on min i love you princess:)."I stared at the text now totally creeped the hello out. I dropped my phone on the bed and climbed down the ladder that is on the side of the house and just ran full speed. I ran for what seemed like hours. Then i slowed down when i got to this cafe in downtown England  i went inside. I walked to the closest table and layed my head down and just cried. I cried and cried and cried for almost an hour until i felt a tap on my shoulder. "A beautiful girl like you shouldnt be cryin what is the matter." a very familar voice said. It sounded irish.... I lifted my head up slowly and looked up. There he was standing there like a greek god. He was wearing a green shirt that said kiss my lucky charms with a green hat that said the luck of the irish and some skinny and green vans. Thats when i just poured out everthing that happened to me the text my mom alcohol addiction her hitting me my dad dieing everything. His face went from smiling to completely serious. He sat down next to me and conforted me. I burried my face in his shirt crying my eyes out. He cried a little to but tried to hide it. When i was finally done i lifted my head and giggled a bit. i got eyeliner and snot on his shirt. He looked where my eyes were looking and laughed to. "Its fine love it will come out:)" he said smiling. "You hungry." he said. "Starving" i said rubbing my tummy. He called the waitress over there and ordered his food which was 5 pancakes 4 pieces of bacon 5 bowls of fruit salad and 2 BLT's. I ordered the same thing. "A girl that likes to eat you are my kinda girl." He said smiling. "Thanks so much dude." i said. "Niall, my name is niall:)" he said smiling. "Well hey niall nice to meet you." i said laughing. i dont know what it is but i can talk to him alot more well that everyone else:). Ten waitresses came with all of our food and we scarfed everything down. I finished all my food in less than 10 minutes:). He was still eating. "Dang girl you eat faster than me." Niall said smiling. Well i am fixin to eat yours i said grabbing one of his pancakes and eating it. "Hey you stole my pancake." Niall said sorta mad. "what are you gonna do about it." i said teasingly. He got up and started playfully hitting me. we play fought for 2 minutes before he went back to his food. As soon as he was done he said "Please come stay with me and the boys i dont want you going back to your mom." Before i could protest he paid the bill tipped the waiter and pulled me over his shoulders and sat me in his front seat and started the car. I laughed and said "Yes i will go with you niall" He laughed his head off and we drove into the sunset:).

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