Love hurts

This is a story about Shae and she is stuck between work at school and a VERY abusive mother who seems to not give care about her since her father's death. When the opportunity comes up to move to another state and start a brand new life will she be able to have the life she had before her father's death or will she be in the same situation she was in before she moved..


2. Dont i know u?

After 10 long hours on the plane we finally landed in England or i think so i see big Ben out my window. Yep we are in England ye-pee i say in my head. After the plane lands we get our bags and walk down the stairs. On the way down my mom "accidently" pushes me down the last steps and i fall on my face and our bags tumble down on top of my head. My head starts to bleed a little. Then i see a hand reach down to help me up. "Are you okay." this mystery person says with a very cute Irish accent. "Yeah i am fi..." i pause and look up. There standing before me is the most finest guy ever. His hair was blond and his eyes are like the ocean at the prettiest of days, you know like them pretty sunset beaches that you only find in tales read you read as a child. Anyway i just sat there mesmerized by how cute he is. He is so familiar to me but i don't know where i saw this cute guy from. "I feel like i know you from somewhere." i said. "You might know who i am, i am...." He tried to say but i heard these boys call some boy named Niall and said something about Nandos but i don't know why he stopped. "Hey i gotta go i gotta eat maybe we will meet me again beautiful:)" He said smiling. As quickly this guy came he left leaving me standing there head bleeding a little and probably very confused. Before i could put a face to that name my mom slapped me in my back really hard and walked away to the cab that was waiting for us. I hate her so much i just wanna leave her and go live somewhere else. Maybe a beach or a farm secluded from civilization  But for now i am stuck her with my terrible mother until i bring up the courage to leave her. I walked to the waiting cab and put the bags in the car and shut the cab door. Just then i saw the guy walking to a bus with four other guys. They look so dang familiar  i just cant think of their names.... After bout 5 hours we finally got to this beautiful house that makes my old house look like a box. The house was over three stories high and the lawn was lush and green and there was a grand fountain in the middle of the lawn. It was absolutely gorgeous. I got my bags and ran up the stairs. i picked this awesome room and collapsed on it. This is so amazing:) just then i got a text message from....

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