Love hurts

This is a story about Shae and she is stuck between work at school and a VERY abusive mother who seems to not give care about her since her father's death. When the opportunity comes up to move to another state and start a brand new life will she be able to have the life she had before her father's death or will she be in the same situation she was in before she moved..


6. Don't cry..

Niall's pov

Why hasn't she said anything.. Does she love me? I think i made a big mistake look at her she is fixing to cry why do i have to always fuck up my relationships.

Shae's POV

Why did he ask that? Does he love me?.. I dont know my feelings yet i mean i can't even love myself better yet love anyone else. He is my world and i do have feelings for him but not in the way he loves me yet.. I have fallen inlove once before.. His name was Brian Johnson. He was so cute.. He used me to get back at his girlfriend and kicked me to the curb. Ever since then i have been careful about "loving" someone else.. I am not saying he is anything like Brian i am just saying that for saftey and then why would he want a girl that cuts herself.. Yeah i used to cause of my mom.. they would be deep to and i had to be hosptalized 10 times for it.. But i cant stop i mean could you if your life is crap and you feel like no one in the world loves you or even cares... I have and i actually stopped when i met niall cause i dont want to hurt him but my cuts are very visible and if he ever saw them he would probably think i am some physcopath and call the cops on me.. Shae you have to say something come on take it like a man.

" Niall please don't take this the wrong way you are a awesome guy but i don't think that i feel so stongly as you do bout me.. Don't take this the wrong way i care about you really i do but i need time to get myself together.. I bet you wanna break up with me huh?" I said tears in my eyes

He was quiet for a very long time.. Does he still love me? Is he gonna kick me to the curb and leave me for my mom to find me? Is he gonna break up with me cause that is the thing that i don't want.. He is so hurt why do i have to ruin the good things in my life. I buried my head in my hands and cried. He stopped the car and looked at me

"Shae i understand don't cry it's okay.. You mean the world to me... You are my world my stars my princess and i don't want to break up with you that's the exact opposite of what i want to do.. I have been waiting all my life for a girl like you and i won't let you slip away.. Your mom will never get to you.. No one will ever hurt you again as long as i am standing.. I love you Shae.." Niall said holding me.

"Thanks for everything.. For believing that i am the one.. For saving me from my mother.. For keeping me safe.. You are one of the nicest people i ever met But i don't think that you want someone like me." I said crying in his arms.

"And why wouldn't i." Niall asked.

"I will explain everything later... I just want to get my shopping on." I said trying to lighten things up.

"Yeah sure let's go." Niall said putting the car in drive

Phew that was close i don't really want to tell him but there is something about him.. I can actually trust him..

Mom's Pov

That bitch left me.. No matter what i have to do i will find her if its the last thing i do..

End of Chapter 6

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