Love hurts

This is a story about Shae and she is stuck between work at school and a VERY abusive mother who seems to not give care about her since her father's death. When the opportunity comes up to move to another state and start a brand new life will she be able to have the life she had before her father's death or will she be in the same situation she was in before she moved..


5. do you love me?

Shae's Pov

I wake up in the morning to find  Niall breathing my face still sleep. He is so cute when he is sleep. i think to myself. Well i sit there for a while staring at niall sleeping when i smell his breath Gosh his breath stinks. I think to myself while covering my nose. Well i got up and got up and walked downstairs. I looked in the fridge and got out some food and started cooking. Before i could finish frying the last piece of bacon i felt someone put their arms around me

"Morning beautiful." Niall said breathing in my ear.

"Morning babe." I said barely breathing.

Well he tries to kiss me until i stopped him.

"Not until you brush your teeth." I said laughing.

"Alright i see how it is." Niall laughing and walking to the bathroom.

"He is absolutely gorgeous." i said sighing.

That's when i started to smell the bacon burning.

"Holy shit." i said taking the bacon out.

The bacon wasn't that burned just at the corner I sighed in relief.

Niall's Pov

I sit there brushing my teeth like my love said to. She is so amazing and way different than the other girls.. She is smart, pretty, loves to eat, and she gets along well with the guys which that's a first 'cause the guys always find something wrong with the few girls i date. They would say stuff like she is a whore or she is acting like an idiot for no reason or she acts like the world revolves around just her. Most of the time they were right.. Like the girl i dated while i was in x factor was Samantha.. She was beautiful but as soon as we lost x-factor she tried to sleep with Harry but he kept telling her no and i caught her doing that and i kicked her to the curb.. But Shae she made a great first impression on the boys. They loved her and that's all i need.. I wonder if my parents will love her as much as the boys do.. Like i do. Well after bout 10 minutes of brushing my teeth i gargled mouthwash then did a breath check.Yeah i'm good. i though to myself. Well i walked out and tip toed to were Shae was standing. She looks so cute in my shirt and boxers. She looks better like this.. No makeup to cover her slight freckles on her nose, her hair messy from tossing and turning all night. She is perfect like this. Well i walked up to her and kissed her neck from behind wrapping my arms around her waist.

"Niall stop that tickles!!!" Shae giggled. Her laugh is like a billion angels singing all at once. She hates her laugh but i think it is so cute. 

"How bout you make me." I said taking my face from her neck and tickling her side.

"Oh my gosh Niall stop!!!" Shae said laughing her head off trying to get away from me

"Oh no you don't." i said scooping her up and spinning her around.

"Wheeeeee!!!" Shae said holding on to my neck laughing.

That's when i leaned in and kissed her. It escalated to the point where i had her on the counter kissing her neck..

"I see the two love birds are getting it on early in the morning." Louis said ruining the moment

"Oh trust and believe Lou he isn't getting any yet." Shae said jumping down

"Well i almost did." I said laughing

She gave me a look and finished setting the table

"Is Harry Zayn or Liam up yet." Shae said.

"Yeah we are." Harry, Liam, and Zayn said at the same time walking into the kitchen sitting down.

"I am starving." Me and Shae said at the same time.

We looked at each other and smiled.

That's when we sat down at the table and ate. When we got done i walked up to the room and got dressed.

"I wanna take Shae shopping." I said talking to Lou.

"Yeah that would be sweet of you to do." Lou said smiling.

"Do you love her." Lou said curiously.

"Yeah i do more than i loved anyone else in the world." I said smiling.

"Do you think she loves you back?" Lou said.

"I'll ask her tonite while we are on our date." I said.

Shae's Pov 

I was sitting in the kitchen cleaning up the dishes when Niall runs up to me excited.

"Hey babe i am taking out today just me and you get dressed." Niall said smiling.

That's when i ran up stairs got dress in under 2 minutes and ran to his green car.

"Lets go babe we don't got all day." I said yelling

That's when he jumped in the car without opening the door.

"Oh my gosh Niall you okay." i said worried.

"yeah i am okay." Niall said smiling.

We drove for 10 minutes in silence til Niall talked.

"Do you love me Shae." Niall said glancing at me.


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