Love hurts

This is a story about Shae and she is stuck between work at school and a VERY abusive mother who seems to not give care about her since her father's death. When the opportunity comes up to move to another state and start a brand new life will she be able to have the life she had before her father's death or will she be in the same situation she was in before she moved..


9. BE MINE...


Harry's POV

I got out of bed in the morning to fix breakfeast. I couldnt sleep couldn't barely get a hold of myself. Why is she always on my mind? She is Niall's girlfriend and i can't do that to my best mate. What if knew that i was trying to steal Shae from him? He would be so mad.... Harry get yourself together she is coming.

"Hey Hazza!" Shae said grinning really wide.

God she looks so sexy in Niall's shirt i wish it was my shirt she had on..

"Hey Shae." I said smiling back.

"I was thinking... We barely know eachother so i was thinking we could spend the day together.. Not like a date just a friendly get together." I said giving her my hollywood smile.

"Yeah sounds great." Shae said hugging me.

I could feel her nipples through her shirt. They were hard and i felt that she was naked under that shirt. Keep your self together you cant have a boner or she will feel it. Damn it to late. Shae looked at me curiously. She was fixing to say something but Niall grabbed her from behind and started spinning her around. She started laughing like crazy. Wow she has the most prettiest laugh. I turned around and started cooking. I could feel a tear come down my face. Why can't she be with me look at me with love? I quickly wiped the tear from my face.

"What's wronge mate." Niall said curious.

"It's just hot in here is all." I said lying.

He shrugged and started kissing Shae.

"Not in the kitchen you guys this is where we eat not fuck." Louis said rubbing his eyes.

They both blushed. Thank god for Lou. Well i got breakfeast ready and we ate. Liam and Zayn were still sleep so i put there plates in the oven.

"I am going to spend time with Harry today Niall." Shae said yelling from upstairs.

"Okay i have to go run some errands have fun." Niall said grabbing his keys and jacket and heading out the door.

I walked upstairs and got ready trying to find something nice to wear. I wind up putting on a nice shirt jeans and some nice shoes.

"You ready yet." Shae said knocking on my door.

"Yeah i'll be out in a sec." I said spraying caloen on me.

I walked out my room.

"You look great," I said smiling.

"Oh your such a charmer dude.. I have on sweatpants and a shirt how is this great." Shae said.

"You ready to go." I said grabbing my car keys. 

"I've been ready." Shae said walking downstairs.

Well we walked downstairs and got in the car and headed toward a fast food place. We sat there eating and after we were done we drove to the mall and hung out for a little while. We sat on a bench and laughed and talked then i turned toward her.

"Shae i love you." I said.

"Awe i love you too dude." Shae said smiling.

"No not in a friend way in a lovey dovey way. Please be mine and only mine Shae i know you date Niall but i love you" I said.

"Oh. I can't do that to Niall i love him more than anything" Shae said looking akwardley at the floor.

I got angry so i leaned in and kissed her. I couldnt help it i had to. She was shocked and didnt do anything. I got angry and kissed her harder putting my hand on her bum. She liked it i know she did but she tried not to show it.



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