These Tiny Things

I am no good at writing blurbs, so sorry if you wanted one. :)

I showed the first chapter to my friend and she thought I was talking bad about adoption, so if you get offended by it, I'm sorry!! I am not against adoption in any way, shape, or form!!


2. Two


"Yes, honey?"

We were at the dinner table, with my three brothers, who were entirely immersed in their food, and my dad, who was staring at us over the top of his librarian glasses.

"Something weird happened today..."

Up until then my mom hadn't really been paying attention. It's something all moms master, looking like they're paying attention when they're really not. But now she placed her fork back on her plate and glanced at me.

"I was at the bus stop, and a boy came up to me."

"And how old was this 'boy'?" My dad asked severely. Oh, great. I had given them the wrong idea. "No, no!" I exclaimed. "He was about my age, maybe a little older. Anyway, he asked if I was adopted but that's ridiculous, right? I mean, I would know if you weren't my birth parents. You would tell me, wouldn't you?" I was in a rush to get the words out, and after I did I glanced down at my plate but back up again. "Wouldn't you?"

"Of course we would," my mother said, after a pause, standing up and clearing plates off the table. "Do you want to have dessert now, or wait till later?"

"Later,"  my brothers chorused, and pushed back their chairs and raced each other to the TV. I stayed to help my parents clear off the table, not only because I knew that once I got in the TV room, a show would've been selected-- probably WWE or Nascar or something-- but because I wanted to talk to my parents more.


She sighed, anticipating what I was going to say. "I knew this was going to come up sometime," she said, to no one in particular. My dad saw his cue and made an exit, settling on the couch with my brothers.

"Come up...what?"

"Honey, you know we would never lie to you on purpose..."

"What do you mean, Mom? I'm not adopted, am I?"

She turned around, and I could see the tears pooling in her eyes. "Sweetie, we were going to tell you sometime."

"Tell me what? Mom, tell me what?" I knew what she was going to say, but I needed to hear it, to confirm it, to make it true.

" are adopted."

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