These Tiny Things

I am no good at writing blurbs, so sorry if you wanted one. :)

I showed the first chapter to my friend and she thought I was talking bad about adoption, so if you get offended by it, I'm sorry!! I am not against adoption in any way, shape, or form!!


3. Three

The plate I was holding slipped out of my hands and shattered on the floor. My mom winced.

" didn't TELL me?"

She was really crying now, and I was glad. "We couldn't..."

"You couldn't? Why not?"

"You father and I, we were going to tell you, but we didn't want you to try to figure out who your birth parents were." She stared at me, pleading with me to understand. There was nothing to understand, except that they had deceived me my entire life.

"You didn't want to?" By now my brothers and dad had realized the commotion, and were crowded at the door with the guilty expressions that said they knew. "Great. So everyone knows my secrets except me?"


I whirled on my mother. "Don't call me that." I hissed. "You can't lie to me for sixteen years and then expect me to forgive you, just like that."

"But..we're your family."

"No, you're not. Remember? I'm not even related to you."

I turned around, out of the corner of my eye catching the shock registering in their eyes, and feeling satisfied. Then I stomped off to my room.

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