These Tiny Things

I am no good at writing blurbs, so sorry if you wanted one. :)

I showed the first chapter to my friend and she thought I was talking bad about adoption, so if you get offended by it, I'm sorry!! I am not against adoption in any way, shape, or form!!


4. Four

I lay on my bed, going over the exchange. I admit it--my last comment was underhanded, but they deserved it. I was almost seventeen, when were they going to tell me?

From the way they were talking, never. And my brothers. My youngest brother was eight--so he's old enough to know but I'm not? I had to give them props though, all three of them were younger than me, and yet they managed to keep this a secret.

Then I thought about that boy at the bus stop. Ace. How had he predicted this? Had my parents told him, too?? I wouldn't put it past them.

I stared at the wall, crossing my arms. Maybe if I glared hard enough, the stupid pink painted walls would crack. But soon enough, this annoying thing called conscience crept into me. Yes, my family had lied to me, but they were still my family. At least, I still thought of them as that.

I silently got off my bed and opened the door of my room. I went down the stairs, and thankfully none of them creaked. When I got halfway through the stairs, I had a view of the TV room and the kitchen. My brothers and dad were silently watching baseball, blank expressions on their faces. My mom was sweeping up the shards of the plate I had dropped. Every so often she would sniffle, and they would all pretend not to notice. Other than that, they all seemed pretty unaffected.

Ugh. I hate talking to people the morning after I fight with them. It's awkward and kind of like giving in. But both of my parents worked, so I was in luck. And I rarely talked to my brothers in the morning anyway (none of them were up at the time I was).

I remembered Ace again. What did he mean, "he'd be seeing a lot of me"? I didn't want to see him. He was the one that started this mess, by asking me questions I needed an answer to.

By then, I had made my way back into my room, glanced at my Princess Jasmine clock, and decided it was late enough to go to bed. 

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