Love Me

Zayn Malik goes on a United States tour, but will the first stop change the rest of his life? Or will he turn his back from the one thing that matters the most to him?


3. Getting Ready

Bethany's P.O.V

'Did he just kiss me?' I ask myself,hand on my cheek, still sitting in the same spot that I've been sitting in since Zayn left. 'So what? It was just a kiss on my cheek. It doesnt mean anything.Or does it?' Im trying to put it all together in my head. It just doesnt make since why he, the cutest guy that i have ever met, asked me to hang out with him. I know that im acting like a teenage girl in love for the first time, but i cant help it.  His smile, hair, skin tone, body shape, it's just hard to take in all at once. I look down at my coffee, hand still on my cheek, and realize that my coffee is basically gone. I get up take my coffee up and throw it away. on my way out of the door i realize that i forgot to ask Zayn when and where to meet him....I pull out my Iphone and text him as I get into my car and start to drive down the road and to my house.

'hey, its Bethany.'

'I know(;' Zayn replies. I arrive at my house and I turn off the car and I just sit there.

'Right, lol. I forgot to ask....'

'What did ya forget? lol'

' When are you picking me up? and where also?'

'hmmmm. how about in thirty minutes at your house, we are going to have lunch(:? where do you live?'

'Oh, for lunch? thirty minutes? i live on 782 Ohio rd.  Next to the Cafe we were at. You just turn right out of the parking lot and go straight until you see a white house. trust me its the only white house on the street.' I text as I look up at my house. Its not to big. I mean sure its big for just two people, my dad and I, but we deal with it .

'Yeah thirty minutes...well twenty-eight minutes now lol (; '

' Okay! gosh! I'll try to be ready by then! See ya!'

'See ya!' He texts back. I run up to my door and through the house to my bedroom in the very back of the house, then go to the end of my room and through my bathroom door. I take a quick shower, knowing i wont have enough time to style my hair, but i wash it anyway. I turn the shower off after washing my body. I step out and put a towel around me and look at my phone.
"ten minutes?!" i yell anxiously. I go to my walk in closet and put another sundress, that is light blue to complement my eyes, on. I then go to my bathroom again and try to fix my hair with five minutes left.

Zayn's P.O.V

'Yeah thirty minutes...well twenty eight minutes now lol (; ' I text.

' Okay! gosh! I'll try to be ready by then! See ya!' She replies

'See ya!' I text back. By now i am already in my hotel room, looking over myself to see if i need improvements. 'nope, im good...well....i could fix my hair a little.' i move my hair with my fingers. 'There! thats great.' I look at my phone and realized....i just spent twenty-five minutes on my look and it looks practically the same.' W-O-W' I leave my hotel room and go to my rental, a newer Volvo, which is my favorite. I get out my directions to her house and I head down the street to the cafe, go into the parking lot....yes i went into the parking lot, and i turned left out of it. I arrive at the only white house, more like mansion, on the block. I decide to go up to the door and ring the bell. Then, I see her, the one from the cafe.

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