Love Me

Zayn Malik goes on a United States tour, but will the first stop change the rest of his life? Or will he turn his back from the one thing that matters the most to him?


1. America

Zane's P.O.V

"OFF TO AMERICA!!!!" Yells Niall and Louis as we are getting into the cab, on our way to the airport.

"Guys, can you please quiet down? it's just Miami, Florida," replies Liam. He is always trying to be the boss of the group, but we all know he just wants to joke around also. We are about to start our North American tour and Niall is just a little excited about it...well we all are, but Louis and Niall like to express it more. We start driving off. the airport is about two miles away from our hotel that we were staying at.

"Liam, we can be excited if we want. America is great! It has so many places to tour, cute girls, great stores, cute girls....." Niall starts to go out into 'space'. The rest of us just ignore Niall because we know that by now, he wouldn't listen to us if we tried to talk to him. I now look out of the cab's window and see that we are at the airport and have come to a stop in front of about fifty screaming girls.

"You can give them five minutes, then you have to leave." Paul says to us. i open my door and the screams get even louder.

" Hi guys!" I say enthusiastically." We dont have long but we can still take a few pictures!" I have a few pictures taken with some fans, along with the boys before Paul starts to haul us off to our flight."Sorry guys!!" we get onto the plane and imediatly I fall asleep, even before we lift off.


"Zane! Zane! Zane! Wake up! Were here!" I hear Niall yell.

"grrrrrr.... im UP!! I heard you the first time!" I yell back to him.

"Sorry! No need to be so grumpy!"

"Well its hard to not be grumpy when you get a rude awakining." I yell as i get up and we leave the plane.

"Well...I said sorry....didn't-"

"Guys! seriously! Dont fight! Its super annoying!" Interupted Liam. That shut us all up. we get our stuff and get into another cab. no one sayinging anything until we pull up into our hotel here in Miami.

"W-O-W" Harry spells out.

"I know....." I reply. this hotel is GRAND. i dont know what i was expecting but it sure isn't this. The hotel is HUGE. We walk in to the building and bring our stuff to the front desk to check in.

"Rooms for One-" I start to say.

"I know! we've been expecting you! Me and my sisters just love you guys! here's your room keys and I hope you have a great stay!" she says excitedly.

"Thanks?" Harry replies. We walk to the elevator with all of our stuff. Imagine five guys plus Paul, and our bags, exluding Paul's luggage, all getting on one elevator. It's very crowded. we are all on the tenth floor but dont worry....there are about twenty more floors in this hotel. The elevator 'dings' telling us that we are on our floor, so we get out and head to our rooms. I have room number 106 and I am exahusted...even though i slept the whole time on the plane.

"Guys? Im going to bed because I'm extremly tired." I tell everyone.

"Okay good night. I hope you feel okay. you've been sleeping alot resently." replied Liam.

" 'Night." I unlock my door and walk in. I head straight to the bedroom not even realizing my surroundings. I colapse onto my bed and go fast asleep.

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