My holiday romance

Juliyetta goes on a school trip for three months. She's in America and ready to part-ay! However, her last trip to America ended in tears as she had ti say goodbye to her bestfriend. This time, she vows to not get too attached. Friendships from vacations will never end happily. So whatever will she do when her next holiday 'aquaintence' is sexy, charming, hilarious and irrestible. Whatever will she do when doesn't want to be 'just friends'? Holiday friendships are bad. So holiday relationships should be even worse......


3. When I first saw him

The first thing I felt was the harsh yet strangely comforting rays of sunshine that hit me when I got out of the plane. "Heelloo America!" Sara screamed as she energetically jumped out of the plane. Perfect landing of course. Thats what seven years of gymnastics does. Mrs Gargoyle gave her the evil eye and coughed. "Hm hm.. Ms Smith." The old hag croaked, staggering towards us. She was about to lecture her until she saw Derek swinging on a metal bar. "Boys!" She exclaimed and began to toddle of towards them. Jarah gracefully walked down the stairs, pouting her pink lips as she lifted her sunglasses up with her pinkie. She looked around, dropped down her glasses back over eyes and walked to us. Still pouting her plump, glossy lips. "You are such a poser Jarah." Clara said, digging through the bag for her own pair of sunglasses. Yup. Everyone in our little group has a cool name. Sara, Clara, Tara and Jarah. Yet my parents had to stick me with Juliyetta. And I couldn't just take the first letter of my name and add 'ara' to it. Cuz Jara was already taken. And it had a cool 'h' at the end. Jarah. She was rich, immensely populae and gorgeous. All the boys went to her first. She had raven black hair with huge curls and it glistened in the sun. Almost as much as her lipgloss. She had bright blue eyes and pale skin. But her black hair on her pale skin looked fabulous. And the blue eyes with her pale skin were too beautiful. Boy was I jealous. She had big boobs whereas I barely had any compared to hers. She always knew what was in and was a trend setter. TJ was gorgeous but in a different way. She too was kind of popular and had fiery red her. It was really wild and curly but suited her. She had bright red lipstick in and tanned skin. She wasn't a girly girl as such. But not a tomboy either. I guess you could say she just had swag. The boys went for her as well. Clara had bleach blonde hair and wore a lot of make-up. Too much sometimes. She was a barbie doll but surprisingly, the boys didn't go for her first. The other girls just had something. I guess thats prove that make-up isn't everything. She has blue eyes and wears short shorts and tight skirts. Anything for attention. Sara had dark brown hair with thin lighter brown streaks. She had sea green eyes and had a unique style. Sometimes swag and sometimes girly. Like me. I had sleek black hair cut in a bob back then. I wore bright eyeshadow and fake eyelashes, to make my dull brown eyes seem more interesting. Still, no boys were ever interested in me. I was the last pick. I used to wear too much make up and all the boys called me names. "Whore, slut, cunt" and so much worse. But then I wore less and eventually befriended TJ and the girls. That was after Jess officially ditched me. "Juli..... JULI!" Clara shrieked down my ear, shaking me violently. I had been busy thinking about Jess again. Stupid really. But I loved her like a sister. And I missed her. "Oh sorry." I muttered. "Tell me you were not thinking about that Tess girls again." Jarah said, pouting her lips at her little compact mirror. She took out a brush and started pouting and brushing her cheeks with blusher. "Her name is Jess." I replied a little too defensively. She shot me an irritated look. "Watevs guys... We're in America!" Sara shrieked, doing a little dance for the behind her. We had all agreed to wear shorts and high tops. But Clara wore a tight miny skirt with pumps, Jarah wore skinny jeans and heels and Sara wore cropped jeans with converse. Only me and TJ had worn hightops and shorts. Though Mrs Gargoyle strongly disapproved, We both wore belly tops as well. As we left the airport to the car park. Thats when I saw a vision of godliness. He was gorgeous. But no. I was not getting attached. "Rawr!" TJ purred, making a claw with her hand. "Hands off!" Jarah exclaimed, pushing TJ playfully. She winked and flirted with him and he gave her a sexy half smile. I just huffed and walked away, leaving the rest of the girls to drool over him. I turned back and saw them still waving and making googly eyes. "ahh!" I sighed. They were all in a line so I tapped each of their chins saying, "Girls, girls.... Don't droen in your puddle of drool." They all smacked me and I dragged them to the carpark, laughing.
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