My holiday romance

Juliyetta goes on a school trip for three months. She's in America and ready to part-ay! However, her last trip to America ended in tears as she had ti say goodbye to her bestfriend. This time, she vows to not get too attached. Friendships from vacations will never end happily. So whatever will she do when her next holiday 'aquaintence' is sexy, charming, hilarious and irrestible. Whatever will she do when doesn't want to be 'just friends'? Holiday friendships are bad. So holiday relationships should be even worse......


4. Second sighting

"Ahhh!" we all shrieked in excitement, racing towards our hotel room. We couldn't wait to pick the beds and were practically killing eachother. Clara took off her heels (yes, she had swapped shoes with Jarah) and threw one at us. It knocked me down and made me fall on top of Sara. Another heel came hurtling our way, pinning TJ to the wall. Me and Sara collapsed in a heap, laughing our heads off. I couldn't even stand up, which was very unfortunate for Sara considering I was on top of her. "Sorry, they were slowing me down." Clara laughed, unpinning TJ and racing off. TJ was weak from laughing as well. "Ah!" Clara sqeauled as she tripped over one of her heels. I leaped up and dragged her backwards saying, "Sorry babe, but pick em up next time hahaha!" I was in the lead! The door was just within my reach. It suddenly swung open and made me fall back in shock. That was weird! Suddenly, Sara came cartwheeling down the hall and I ran to the door. She backflipped over me and hurdled on top of the bunk bed. "Ha!" She shrieked. "I AM VICTORIOUS!!!!" We both started laughing and I completely forgot about the other top bunk. That is until Clara came in with TJ at her ankles. Clara shrieked and made her way up the bunk bed. TJ dragged her down and I heard a big bang and crack! Clara was on the floor face down. Blood was going down the stairs. "Ow!" Clara cries and we could all hear her sobbing. "Oh my god Clara... I'm so sorry." TJ exclaimed, bending down to pick Clara up. Clara slapped her away and continued sobbing. Her sobbing strangely turned to laughing as she leaped up and flipped onto the top bunk. "What the heck?!" TJ shrieked, playfully pulling Claras hair. "You were crying!" Clara just laughed and held up a packet of fake blood. "I take drama guys... And dance. Did you see that awesome flip?!" Clara squealed. "So everyone here takes gymnastics but me?" I asked, doing a little pout as I stood at the door. "Actually, I do athletics and I go to the gym twice a week." A voice said. It was Jarah. "What the heck?! How the f*** did you get there so quick?" I asked as Jarah stood on another bunk bed. The best one of course. It was one of those that was a bed at the top and a sofa at the bottom. I was stuck with the boring bed. "Ha!" My friends jeered. "I took the stairs like a normal person." Jarah announced, smugly. I stook my middle finger up. I noticed a door with diamonds around it. It looked like a mirror but I knew it was a door. "Hey whats that?" I asked, slowly approaching it. I opened it up as the other girls started to come over. "Oh my god!" I exclaimed as I entered the room. It had a big mirror right at the back and to the left, was a swing bed. A bed that rocks. "Oh my god!" I screamed and I jumped on top of the bed. "Oh my god it's a water bed too!" I shrieked, letting it's waves massage me and letting it rock me. "No way." Jarah whispered. "This is my room!" I announced, dramatically pointing at the whole room. "No!" Jarah shrieked before front flipping on to the bed, landing flat on her back in a star shape with her eyes closed. "Did everyone do dance class except me?" I asked. Just one more thing they all had in common. "Ur.. Yeah! We all met in Mrs Duponts ballet class." Sara said, going through all the drawers. Don't know what she was expecting to find. "Oh yeah... Remember how she kept blabbing on about all her ex boyfriends and blubbing like a baby?" TJ asked, starting to laugh. "Huha! Oh yeah!" Clara giggled, posing in the large mirror. "This is my room guys... Seriously." She said, shaking her hips in the mirror and plumping her hair. "Babe, there's a mirror in the other room." I said joining her as she pouted her lips and blended her eyeshadow some more. Yeeesh. And I thought I was self-centered. "But this one is sooo much bigger!" Clara almost whined, pouting even more. "I know!" I exclaimed joining her in pretending to walk down a catwalk. We started laughing. "Hm.. This is cheap." Sara suddenly said and we all wandered over to her. "What is it?" Jarah asked, doing an even better runway walk than me and Clara. We gave eachother a look and laughed. "Shes even better than us." I whislered to Clara who replied, "Cuz every road us a catwalk to her anyways." We giggled and went over to them.
"Look." Sara said, pointing at another mirror. We all squintes hard but saw nothing. "Urgh!" Sara groaned and stabbed her finger at the corner. "Ahh I see.... That it was a complete waste of time." Jarah said, before going back to the bed. I saw what Sara was talking about. It was a fold. "This ain't a real mirror, just shiny window paper." Sara announced. "Grh!" Jarah snorted. "If I can see myself in it... It could be tar for all I care." She sighed, sounding totally bored. "I won't even begin to tell you how wrong that was. You can't see yourself in tar!" Sara exclaimed, walking over to the bed to lecture Jarah, who picked up a pillow and groaned as she covered her face. Me, Clara and TJ just stood at the mirror, admiring ourselves. I was like Jarah. If I could see my reflection, it could've been a boulder for all I cared. I suddenly heard a loud rip. "TJ!" Clara exclaimed and I snapped out of my day dreams. She had grabbed the fold and pulled it down halfway. "It is a window. Straight to another room? Thats just weird." She muttered. This caused Jarah and Sara to come back over. "Ooh! It's him!" Jarah exclaimed, as the door opened and some boys walked in. "Why can't they see us?" Clara asked. "Cuz it's like a mirror to them. We can see them they can't." TJ sighed, almost moaning. "Not unless they pull back the paper as well." Jarah said, distracted by one of the guys taking off his shirt. "But will we see them?" Clara asked and everyone sighed in exsaperation. "Clara I swear, you are soo blonde." Jarah said, taking her focuss away from the boys. "Ooh, six pack alert!" I squealed, eyeing up the abs. "It's the cute one from earlier." Jarah exclaimed, pushing Clara aside. He suddenly came to the window and we alk froze. Except Clara, who started waving like a mad person. "Clara!" Sara snapled, giving her the look. "What?" Clara asked so innocently. "He can't see us." For once, she was right. But we still froze, barely daring to breath because it was so creepy. He was staring intently at the mirror, fixing his hair and spraying colone all over his abs. We all sighed. But then I stoped myself. No attatchments. He stopped, leaned further into the window and smiled. A sexy half smile and winked. I swear he was staring right into my eyes as he winked and blew a kiss. He said something. "What?!" Clara screamed, as if he could hear her. We all shot her an agitated look. She shrugged her shoulders and rwisted her hair on her finger. The fit boy continued to smile and talk. My heart nearly melted. But again, I snapped out of it. "Oh my god he can see us." Jarah whispered, not daring to breath. We all backed awat slowly. Then, the boy turned around and we realised he had been talking to his friends. We all sighed deeply and then began to reseal the window. Before we put it all the way up, we noticed the boys starting to play fight with no tops on. It was somewhat attractive. I mentally slapped myself. No attachments. But he was good looking. Everyone collapsed on the waterbed as it swung gently. I was just replaying those few moments when he smiled, winked and said something to me. I mean, he was looking at me right? All of us were silent. Even Clara. We all did a lovesick sigh at the sane time. Then, realising what we all did and were just thinking of, we cracked up laughing. That, was the second sighting.
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